Feeling is community difficult party member thick concern warm heart

2022-05-05 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to let the district difficult party members have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Ji ‘an Unity street Dongsheng community Party committee organized the “difficult party members visit sympathy and warmth” activities, for them to send the party and the government’s kind care.Recently, the community staff with New Year wishes and consolation money to party member’s home jurisdiction difficulties, yan aunt’s wife and diabetes complications for many years, recently returned home from hospital critically ill, and community workers at the same time of greetings to encourage them to cheer up, strong life, I hope the old man soon.This activity visited a total of 11 difficult party members, enhanced the cohesion and care of the Party organization, and further promoted the good development of the relationship between the community Party Committee and the party members.(Yi Siyao, Dongsheng Community)