Sixty year old people miss their late parents, back to the old house to see a messy courtyard, burst into tears!

2022-05-05 0 By

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, a 60-year-old man surnamed Liu missed his parents so much that he went back to his deceased parents’ home in Yantai, Shandong Province.When he went to that no longer familiar but suddenly remembered a lot of past events, so involuntarily shouted: “The son came back for the New Year!”Originally a word of peace, but made countless netizens cry.As soon as he got home, the old man shouted: “My son came back for the New Year!”After announcing his safety at the door, Mr. Liu walked toward the gate of the courtyard, only to see a scene of dilapidated, grassy courtyard and mountains of garbage.He broke down in tears and said, “My son misses you!”Again stung the hearts of countless netizens.The old man leaned on his cane and sobbed.Later, Mr. Liu said: “The old house is the place where he lived with his parents. Since his parents left, he has been doing business outside. This year, he missed his parents very much, so he went back to his hometown.When I saw the old house dilapidated, mom and dad are not in the heart immediately very uncomfortable.After the New Year, he plans to repair the old house, which carries his childhood memories.As the saying goes, “Parents are there, life has a place, parents are not there, life is only home.”How many people in real life are the same as Mr. Liu, now their parents are not alive, their age is also old, the old house is his spiritual sustenance, when young people are free, more accompany their parents back to the old house walk, not for anything else, only to retain that one care, sustenance of that acacia.Wish Mr. Liu as soon as possible to repair the old house, retain a good memory.For more of our highlights, follow us on Patreon