Zhao swept the title 9-0, thumping Yan 143-0, 73-0 and 3-0 in the Champions League

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The 2022 Snooker Champions League continues its round-robin competition in the championship group.British Championship champion Zhao Xintong scored 143 points to beat Masters champion Yan Bingtao 3-2 in a third-round Derby match.It is worth mentioning that zhao xintong defeated Yan Bingtao 9-0 in the final of the German Masters.In the group stage of the Champions League, zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, two foreign young talents, played well, and they joined hands with liang Wenbo into the champion group.Among them, zhao Xintong, ranked eighth in the world, won the third group title with eight consecutive wins and advanced to the Champion group.Zhao xintong faces world No. 13 Yan Bingtao in the third round of the Champions League group round robin.Yan Bingtao won 7-1 to win the sixth group.In the first two rounds of the championship round, Yan bingtao was beaten 3-2 by Stuart Bingham before beating Liang Wenbo 3-0.Chao struggled in the first two rounds, losing 3-1, 3-0 to world champions John Higgins and Stuart Bingham.Zhao xintong and Yan Bingtao have a total of 3 games record, the record is 2-1, a slight advantage.The two sides last met in the 2022 German Masters final before the Champions League group, where Zhao won 9-0 with perfect accuracy against Yan bingtao.Yan bingtao, who was beaten 9-0 in the last game, quickly got into his stride as he scored 82 points to make a 1-0 start to the match, beating Zhao 82-0.In the second set, Zhao began to come into his own, firing a 73 to tie Yan 73-0 and level the score at 1-1.In the third set, Zhao got even hotter as he smashed 143 points to defeat Yan bingtao 143-0 to win 2-1 and match point.In the fourth set, Yan bingtao also had no way out, but he played very tough, through several overhand, 86-0 to zhao Xintong, 2-2 save match point, both sides into the decider.In the final set, zhao and Yan both had chances to win the match, and they played very closely. In the seesawing match, Zhao won 59-45, narrowly beating Yan 3-2 on aggregate. After the Final of the German Masters, Zhao beat Yan again.