Guangdong hongyuan lineup adjustment!Du Feng love will be abandoned, Ma Shang surprise return, Tang Jie into qibing

2022-05-06 0 By

After the nightmare of the second phase, Hongyuan ushered in a few days of rest, because the last game lost to Shanghai men’s basketball, so Du Feng only gave the whole team a few days off, the young players will officially return to the team in the third year of the Chinese New Year, and the veteran players also returned to the training hall in the fifth year of the first training session of the team.According to the domestic media, in addition to zhang Haojia, who is still recovering from injury and has been confirmed to be completely reimbursed for this season, Tang Jie, who will formally sign the team, Zhao Rui and Zhang Hao, who were injured before, have all returned to the team, which means that Hongyuan finally ushered in the most orderly training session of this season.And Du Feng will also be based on the off-season training performance of everyone, the decision of the third stage of the roster.It is understood that Marchant will return in mid-February and is expected to be available for the final games of the third stage. Before he returns, Du feng will arrange other players to take his place.At this point, hongyuan third phase of the 15 people’s list also officially released.Defenders, Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie three lead, the off-season formal signing of Tang Jie to join the rotation, before the official return of Ma Shang, Tang Jie will continue to stay in the rotation.In addition, the second stage of good performance zhao Jinyang replaced the ball bully, temporarily occupied a place in the list.Forward, Zhou Peng and Ren Junfei these two “mysterious old” is still the absolute main force, Zhang Haojia injury, Du Runwang got his playing time, became an important member of the team’s front line rotation.In addition, two foreign arrivals Lidle and Weems will undoubtedly be included in the squad, and both will be required to play full time until Marchamps returns.Zhang Hao, injured in the second stage, needs some time to recover and will not return to the squad for the time being.In terms of interior, Yi jianlian will get some rest time in the third phase, but he will still be an indispensable core of the team. Along with veteran Su Wei and Mesozoic zeng Fari, they will form the main lineup in the interior. Xu Xin and Zhang Mingchi are two young players, and Du Feng will be one of them depending on the situation.Compared to the second phase of the roster, people may also be quick to identify the missing players.Once du Feng’s favorite wang Xinkai was abandoned, malick was also abandoned, and the ball boss Liu Quanbiao in general will not enter the list, these three players, is Du Feng according to the actual situation “brush down”.Wang Xinkai was opened, I believe that no fans will be confused.The 27-year-old forward, entering his contract year, has had a terrible season, shooting just 34 percent from three-point range as he is technically the best three-point shooter in the NBA.In the loss of three points this only advantage, the defensive end of the hole was seized by the opponent, both sides of the attack and defense can only play a negative role, plus the third stage to a Tang Jie, zhao Jinyang also played a bright performance, a variety of factors, no wonder Du Feng did not leave him.The third stage hongyuan lineup the biggest change or in the rear line respect.Tang Jie joined the black and white short have more time to rest, Ma Shang’s upcoming return, also let everyone very excited.Of course, we have to be prepared for him not to be able to play when he does, because a serious injury like a ruptured Achilles tendon takes an extraordinary amount of time to recover, and he probably made it to the playoffs without being able to regain his game form.However, with the joining of Tang Jie, Du Feng in the use of defenders compared to the previous to be more relaxed, it is expected that Hongyuan will once again put last season’s invincible five up five down rotation.