Is LPL the most dish wine barrel born?DOINB comments on the 369 regiment battle operation: You can win with no skill

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Preface as LPL transfer window player lineup shuffle, a lot of teams and team players have some grudge match between the existence of 369 single player on the TES team after leaving TES team, were TES team “backstab” (team), practice is not good, “” a season,” your barrel “like a shit,These classic opinions have become LPL audience for 369 this player ridicule capital.And in today’s LPL professional league, TES team’s results are not good and JDG team is a continuous winning streak, so there are a lot of viewers are looking forward to JDG and TES team match against, and in this game the most popular player attention is TES team and JDG team third game,In this game of 369 barrels of operation is triggered a lot of discussion, and LNG team in the single Doinb even said in the live broadcast, if 369 dozen when not put skills, TES will lose.TES double C gradually find the state in this TES and JDG game, TES team is the most concerned about the performance of the lower double C is also triggered a lot of netizens discussion, after all, TES team popularity is mostly in the left hand and water body, and these two people in the game with the audience to show their ability to carry,Both were named MVPS after winning two games each.Of course TES team in the last two bureau, the performance of the water is not very good, so there are also a lot of netizens in the comment area to ridicule the performance of the water in the three bureau, the first 9 points carry expressed the good memories of the first meeting, and the second 3 points said the war criminals hinted at the lost lost during the get along,The third 6 points in the rules tell you that we have been in general after the separation, the whole BO3 is to tell 369, when you really did not pit you in TES.After TES team win, LNG team single player DOINB is also in the live replay of the BO3 match, and in the live broadcast DOINB is also in the live broadcast said the BO3, JDG lost the biggest reason is 369 to play the barrel is too bad,DOINB said that the hero could win the battle with his teammates if he put his skill control on the other side, while the 369 barrel was always a side effect in the battle.Doinb also took out the third match between JDG and TES team. Doinb thought that WHEN TES team got the three-way development hero lineup, JDG team would have a large probability of winning as long as JDG team played normally. But in the third xiaolong, a radical operation of 369 made JDG team defeat.A wave of operation let TES directly overturned.DOINB said use 369 barrels to play group is too hurry, barrel have deceleration control does not need to worry rush in open group, only need to pull along with teammate can win, and JDG team beat the water before the little dragon group, 369 don’t try so hard this time E flash, only need to cooperate with his teammates gold, slowly pulling JDG can easily win the war team,But 369 is very anxious, a direct E flash forced group led to their disjointed with the back row.After JDG lost the match, DOINB also said that 369’s barrel operation was too bad, and said that 369’s barrel is the most urgent barrel I’ve ever seen in LPL tournaments.For example, when in the small dragon group, the opposite auxiliary female R into his own AD Jinx’s face, resulting in the control of the ADC to focus on the second kill, thus losing tai Lung.To sum up my personal after watching JDG and TES team competition, I am also with emotion to the original Kasa left TES team may really be right, after all, TES team wants to win the game too much depends on TES team’s double C state problem, and Kasa ridicule 369 barrels of wine to play tai CAI, and 369 is also with three matches to prove that Kasa said is not wrong,369 is still strong against the line, but the team is really the weak point of 369, if 369 is as strong as the team, then 369 is definitely the top order in LPL.