Jin Yong touted the Manchu Dynasty and disparaged the Ming Dynasty, wailing that “the Qing dynasty established by the Manchus must be much better than the Ming Dynasty”.

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The late famous wuxia writer had a special fondness for the Manchu Dynasty, and he made this point again and again in his novels.For example, he in “Blue Blood sword”, wag huangtaiji “love people like children”, want to enter the “rescue” Chinese people.And the fact that we know, Huang Taiji into the pass, in Ji ‘nan killing, in the city of 130 thousand corpse!(Ji ‘nan Shuangzhong Temple was built in memory of Song Xuezhu, governor of Shandong province who died in Ji ‘nan at the end of Ming Dynasty, and Han Chengxuan, governor of Licheng County.) Excuse me, is this “love the people like children”?Is this “saving” The Chinese people?Turning black and white upside down to this level is really shameful!His other novel, The Deer and the Cauldron, takes this ability to confound and gibberish to the extreme.In the early years of Kangxi, Chinese people lived a very miserable life. According to various historical records, there were even incidents of cannibalism in many areas.At the same time, the major misrule of the Manchu Dynasty, such as the “enclosure law”, “escape law” and “casting law”, was still in effect, and the Chinese people led a life worse than pigs and dogs.In the coastal areas of Fujian, the qing government’s “coastal boundary relocation” policy at least killed tens of millions of people, and countless people were uprooted from their homes and displaced. It was really miserable to the extreme.However, Jin Yong borrowed Wei Xiaobao’s mouth, touted Kangxi is what “bird fish soup” (Yao Shun-yu soup), is really brazen to the extreme.Our Chinese sage king, and is xuanye this murder countless foreign tyrant can be compared to get?”On the whole, the Qing Dynasty is much better than the Ming Dynasty,” Jin Yong said in his so-called “historiography” work, The Commentary of Yuan Chonghuan.The total average score of the twelve emperors of the Qing Dynasty, starting from The emperor Taizu of the Qing Dynasty, compared with the sixteen Emperors of the Ming Dynasty, I think there is no mathematical comparison, because the former has a very high positive number and the latter has a very high negative number.””The Ming dynasty was the most authoritarian, corrupt and tyrannical in Chinese history.””Of course the Ming dynasty should die. For the Chinese people, the Qing dynasty is much better than the Ming Dynasty.””The Qing Dynasty was better than the Ming Dynasty, but the Chinese were lucky enough to have some of the best emperors in Chinese history.”…These words really are a complete spin on black and white, complete nonsense!He would not have said such a thing if he knew a little about Chinese history.The Ming Dynasty was a glorious one,Whether science and technology (” characterized by open content “, “compendium of materia medica”, “the farmer zheng encyclopedia”, “xu xiake travel notes”), culture (Yang shen, prove, ZhuYunMing, cultural celebrities such as qiu ying), literature (” jin ping mei “, “water margin”, “journey to the west”, the romance of The Three Kingdoms, “three words two pat”), economy, with two-thirds of the world’s silver and so on,The people’s living standard is also quite good. Western missionaries came to China, but also full of praise.Scholar-officials were also very open-minded, and they were willing to accept new things and make friends with western missionaries.In this era, there appeared such a great man as Wang Yangming, and in the late Ming dynasty, there also appeared such great thinkers as Huang Zongxi, Wang Fuzhi and Gu Yanwu.In the Qing Dynasty, the innocent people were massacred and “shaved hair and easy clothes” were really unconscionable.Later engaged in literary prison, burning books banned, imprisoned thoughts, making the world “ten thousand horses stood” (Gong Zizzhen language);The Qing dynasty, by this time, was so dilapidated that Macartney said That China had “made no progress for more than a hundred years, or rather, gone backwards.They are becoming semi-barbarians at a time when our economy and culture are changing rapidly “;In the late Qing Dynasty, they kept ceding land and paying reparations. More than 1,000 treaties, large and small, were signed, and billions of liang were paid in silver.In response to such a situation, the rulers of the Qing Court brazenly said that they would rather give gifts to their friends than to their slaves, and that they would use China’s material resources to win the favor of the state.Throughout the Qing Dynasty, I really do not know what is good about the court!Jin Yong was full of poetry and books, so it is impossible for him to be ignorant of these historical facts. He deliberately confused black and white.(Jin Yong was so well-read that he could not have been ignorant of these historical facts that he was too selfish.) And Jin Yong continued to spread this idea among Chinese people, saying in his speech at Peking University, “The Manchurians would have been much better off establishing the Qing Dynasty than the Ming Dynasty.I have developed many of these ideas in my novel, which I hope to write in academic writing in the future.”He used the word ‘affirmative’ here, which is really overbearing!What could not be opposed to an article that claims to be “entirely based on historical facts” but is full of confusions?Let alone saying that Kim is just a novelist, even if he is a great historian, he is not so noble that he cannot be contradicted.Even renowned scholars who forbid others to refute the defects in their works should be judged as “beggar-thy-study” and waste their work on a layman?Unfortunately, at that time, so many Peking University students, unexpectedly no one stood up to refute, I do not know whether they are listening to a joke, or really agree with such a point of view?(Peking University is one of the most famous universities in our country, but actually there is no counter fallacy of jin yong), the author also can only say that he is such a kind of rhetoric, and with unfriendly, still some people by his “game-writing protocol sword” and “the deer and the cauldron” this novel to brainwashed, really think that the era of the Ming dynasty is a very dark and the qing dynasty is the so-called “golden age” of China.Therefore, we must expose such things more, so that the history that has been reversed by some people is exposed to the world, so that foreign tyrants and traitors are nailed to the humiliating column of history, and so that these reverse black and white literati have no place to hide!There is a long way to go, but we will not give in!