Risking serious injury to fight for my father at home!Gu Ailing, how can you not love?

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China won the 3rd gold medal of Beijing Winter Olympics, from Gu Ailing!Women’s freestyle ski big jump, gu Ailing’s so-called “weak”, at the risk of serious injury, Gu Ailing completed the ultra difficult movement for the first time in the competition, and finally reversed to win the gold medal!Do your best for your hometown. How could you not love Gu Ailing?First of all, we need to popularize the knowledge that, compared with halfpipe and steeplechase, the big platform is not Gu’s strong point, and she has only been training for this event for more than a year.So in this event, Gu’s original goal was to stand on the podium.But with her MEDALS already secured in her first two jumps, gu decided to perform an extremely difficult dance that she had never performed in a competition before, in front of her home crowd cheering her on.You can see gu’s nervousness, she has been repeating the technical points of the movements in her head before the start, careful and confident.Gu completed the move perfectly, earning a score of 94.50 and moving up to first place.Such a good result, let the last two players out of order, they finally made mistakes, Gu Ailing reverse gold!Gu always prided herself on being a Beijing girl, and she showed off all her skills in front of her parents back home.Gu took a huge risk in choosing 1620, after all, she had never performed it in an official competition.If something goes wrong, you may not only miss the gold medal, but even suffer serious injury.But for his hometown, Gu Ailing did his best to win the final wind, who can not be moved?Who can not love Gu Ailing?Next, Gu Ailing has more powerful performance in waiting for everyone.With a gold medal at the bottom, Gu will be in a more relaxed state of mind for the slopestyle and halfpipe competitions.Let’s cheer for the most beautiful Chinese girl!# Gu Ailing