The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is not only “green and extremely comfortable”, but also “golden face” amazing

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On the stage of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, we were deeply impressed by the innovative programs that combine the fine traditional Chinese culture with the aesthetic pursuit of The Times.Is “only this green, extremely comfortable”, or “gold face” surprised the world?The dance drama “Only this green” is one of the most popular programs among many audiences, and was even praised as “Only this green, extremely comfortable”.The painting is inspired by a panorama of Rivers and Mountains by Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty.In the show, dancers stand in different poses, which eventually melt into a turquoise mountain.Dancers with sharp eyebrows, purple lips, high bun, neat sleeves, hidden in the painting.The green landscape of “come alive” does not lose its elegance and ancient charm, adding a bit more majestic.”This picture is so beautiful, just like an ink painting,” one netizen said. “I am directly inflated by culture!”In fact, since its debut at the National Center for the Performing Arts in August last year, the poetic dance drama “Only This Green” has been breaking the circle.In “Running Clouds and Flowing Water”, three performers perform tai chi on the top floors of landmark buildings in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Liang Biying, a girl from Shunde, Foshan born in 1998 and a tai chi player from guangdong Province, performs on the “small waist”.The three performers move smoothly, giving people a sense of watching martial arts blockbusters.In addition, there are creative music, dance, poetry and painting “Memory of Jiangnan”, original ecological scene performance “Song of the Land”, martial arts short drama “Breast Tiger Roaring Spring”, music short drama “Spring In every Spring”, children’s dance “Star Dream” and other works.They show the beauty of history, mountains and rivers and culture from different aspects.Another highlight was that Zhang Guoli was once again on stage as the commentator of National Treasure 001. He and Ran Honglin, director of Sanxingdui Archaeological Research Institute of Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics, showed the charm of Sanxingdui cultural relics. The bronze mask of Sanxingdui, the “national treasure”, appeared in the Spring Festival Gala.In front of hundreds of millions of audiences, it reappears the ancient Shu style of “sleeping for thousands of years, waking up to shock the world”, and also presents a “New Year’s gift” for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Modern Archaeology in China.Since 2021, the archaeological excavation of six new sacrificial pits in the Sacrificial area of Sanxingdui site has attracted great attention at home and abroad.39 domestic scientific research institutions and universities jointly completed an archaeological excavation with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style, and achieved significant results, which is of great significance for deepening the study of Chinese civilization and demonstrating the continuous and inclusive development of Chinese civilization.It is known that the bronze mask is 131cm wide, 71cm high, 66cm deep and weighs 131kg. It is the largest and well-preserved large bronze mask unearthed from sanxingdui Site.Its wide forehead, sharp edges, eyebrows, eyes, lips and other smooth lines, are prominent in the face, thick and long eyebrows as raised, the mask on both sides of the upper and lower and the middle of the forehead have square perforation, may be used for fixed purposes.The bronze mask is a typical artifact of Sanxingdui culture, dating back to more than 3,000 years ago, reflecting the ancient Shu people’s understanding and thinking about the world of natural things and human beings and gods.The impressive bronze mask on spring night not only makes people appreciate the gorgeous and colorful bronze civilization, but also lamenting the extensive and profound Chinese civilization, but also further increases the public’s interest in understanding archaeology, understanding archaeology, and absorbing spiritual nourishment from archaeology.We have learned, in order to ensure the security of sanxingdui relics gala show, state administration of cultural heritage field screening security detail, guiding support administration bureau of sichuan province, sichuan province cultural relic institute of archaeology and sanxingdui museum in conjunction with the major cultural relics exhibition transportation unit, transfer business backbone, special working team of cultural security precision, implement the protection of cultural relics reinforcement plan,The safety of cultural relics has been ensured by carefully organizing and implementing the protection, transportation, preservation and exhibition of cultural relics.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, sanxingdui creative dance “Golden Face” selected by the Publicity Department of The Municipal Party Committee of Deyang also performed the Spring Festival Gala and made an amazing appearance.The reporter understands, the film director YuBai eyebrow planning guidance, Yang liping creative dance choreography, from sanxingdui civilization were extracted to absorb new ideas and creative elements, in the form of double love dance, tells the story of a romantic love story full of suspense and poetic, shows the Chinese nation to the aspirations of a happy life.When they touch the face mask, the people behind the mask come alive and dance with the heroine.Through CG design and production and optical motion capture technology, the dance adopts cinematic shooting methods to open a romantic, mysterious and aesthetic visual feast, which makes the audience gasp with admiration.Yangtse Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhang Nan