Three years after the Spring Festival, according to the review of these 2 steps, the college entrance examination can reverse attack!Transfer to senior three students

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The Spring Festival holiday of senior three is the stage of connecting the past and the future.At this time, do not believe, the results have been shaped this kind of deceptive words, who believe, who really lost the college entrance examination!At the same time, you should also understand that the second round of learning methods after the Spring Festival and the first round of learning methods, there are very different!Which candidates to change first, which candidates to seize the opportunity of the second semester of high school, and even to achieve the curve overtaking, college entrance examination reverse attack and a series of feats!The first point of change is to use practice instead of reciting to do problems instead of reciting knowledge. The focus of the first round of review is to cover all basic knowledge.But the focus of the second round of review is the breakthrough of core knowledge!So what is core knowledge?How can you call it a breakthrough?These two questions, we can pass the college entrance examination math test outline to find the answer!(Here is a strong suggestion, take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, the college entrance examination of each subject to see again!)Take an examination of the outline to say clearly, do not pursue knowledge coverage, key content inspection should account for a large proportion!This shows that the college entrance examination, repeated examination points, that is the key content!That is the core content of the college entrance examination!So for recurring problems, we have to figure it out.The knowledge points rarely appear in the college entrance examination can be skipped in our second round of learning.In this way, we can achieve better results in the limited preparation time!Therefore, even if the first round of review, no review, do not go back to the basic knowledge again and again, to become to understand a road college entrance examination real questions!That must be the most important point!This problem will do, this knowledge point will follow.Foundation is bad, science department can make from a choice question first.English can start from reading comprehension, every word in the real problem, we have to know!The foundation is good, we tell another requirement below!The second point of change is familiar to the first round of review, the key to test high marks will not, the second round of review, the key to test high marks is who is more skilled!What do you mean skilled?In the examination room, math a multiple choice question, an average of about 90 seconds to do.This is the minimum standard of time allocation!You said I’d do it, but IT took me five minutes to do it.That doesn’t make sense.Because exams are about who gets more right answers in a given amount of time, gets more points!How to answer quickly and accurately is the key to get high marks in the exam!How to be proficient?Chinese textbook sell oil weng said the essence: without him, only hand familiar ear!However, it should be noted that buying oil weng’s proficiency is motor skills, that is to rely on muscle memory, examination, is to think skills, that is to rely on brain memory.You have to constantly stimulate the brain, constantly summarize optimization, find the thinking circuit to solve the problem.In order to solve the problem quickly and accurately in the examination room!Continuous stimulation of the brain, is constantly brush questions, brush a certain amount of questions every day, to maintain the sensitivity of the brain thinking.Continuous summary optimization, is the follow-up brush summary, is to ask yourself, the problem of the solution of the idea, how can the fastest to find?Then, after mastering the problem eye of this problem, we can continuously verify it in the follow-up problems of the same type to optimize the solution idea.We don’t have much time left to prepare for the exam.But who can do well in the gaokao?It depends on who is safe in effort and method!