Yanqing ski doctor turns into snowboarding angel to create “super guard team”

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At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, it was still dark, yanqing winter Olympics skiing doctor Li Yanli was woken up by the alarm bell, without a delay.She quickly washed, dressed and took the 6 a.m. bus to the National Alpine Skiing Center.Skiing doctor Li Yanli said, “The staff are working at full speed, going to the mountain early every day.Skiing as a doctor, must keep up with the pace of the hero behind the scenes in the competition, protect their safety, in the games, we are likely to be up in 4 or 5 o ‘clock, just before the point all reached the mountain, and return after the last one went down the mountain, can ensure that when the accident happened, may be around 4 minutes to reach the injured.”In 2018, as a nurse in charge of the Hospital in Yanqing District, Li Yanli was selected as a ski doctor because she loved sports and had some skiing foundation.According to public information, alpine skiing is the fastest event in the Winter Olympics, especially in the speed race, athletes can rush down from the top of the mountain at the fastest speed of 140 km/h, and the injury rate is up to 15% to 20%. It is not only the highest injury rate in the snow events, but also one of the most difficult medical rescue events.Therefore, the goal of establishing China’s first ski doctor team is also very clear, that is to build a “super guard team” on the track of the Winter Olympics through continuous and professional training.Although she is a skier, when Li Yanli started to carry a rescue backpack weighing more than 20 jin and carried out emergency treatment in the environment of strong wind, extreme cold, steep slope and icy snow, the difficulty was still beyond her expectation.In order to strengthen business, make up for shortcomings, in the past four years, winter Olympic skiing doctors have to carry out at least 20 days of centralized training in the snow season every year, and the training time is about 10 hours a day, after the end of the continuous summing up experience, lessons.Despite full preparation, When facing the “snow swallow” of the National Alpine Skiing Center, Li Yanli said bluntly, “I finally understand why it is called one of the most difficult alpine skiing courses in the world. In the field training, some courses have slopes up to 60 degrees, which visually looks like a cliff and can not see the way forward.”In test and the closed loop operation of actual combat, yan-li li and her teammates need to take one knee or kneeling posture, to stabilise themselves, to treat the injured, “on knee will cause certain damage, this way we can take the time to do the usual moxibustion, plasters, avoid because of their physical problems affect the rescue work.”Cold, snow mountain treatment is another big obstacle.”First of all, when athletes accident, we must quickly take off thick coats and gloves, light, if the temperature is not lower than minus 20 degrees Celsius, ski doctors have long used to, but most of the time the temperature 30 degrees Celsius below zero or even lower, hands will be frozen, this time if you want to accurately finish the action such as intubation,It puts a higher demand on everyone’s experience and skills.”In addition, to prevent frostbite, ski doctors need to cover their masks with layers, then put on a helmet, and finally wear a protective face screen.Yan-li li:Also come “but another problem, that is movement when they breathe out a large number of heat, it is easy to surface screen fog even freeze, so we need to use tape mask and facial sealed tightly, try to avoid air leakage up, this is just a small case, after several years of preparation, we start from zero, already broke through the obstacles, for China’s ski doctor,There are more ways to ensure the Beijing Winter Olympics than there are problems.”