89,800 class can also have a high sense of gaC Trumpchi “fuel economy king

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The design style of this car will be very impressive.Sneak back modelling respect, kei GS4 | | inquiry pictures (parameters) adopted the gac kei family-owned automobile body line, large size grille is very domineering, on both sides of the lamp modelling is very sharp, after all the LED light shown great spirit.On the side, the new car adopts a side waist line, which lengthens the car’s visual effect to some extent and helps accentuate the Trumpchi GS4’s styling.The rear design further strengthens the three-dimensional sense of the rear design through the use of lines. LED lights with taillights are also highly recognizable, especially the brake lights, echoing with the front daytime lights.The trumpchi GS4 has a comfortable two-tone interior and a sleek yet layered look that can make a splash in a similar price range.Configuration is definitely one of the trumpchi GS4’s strengths. It comes with a plastic leather steering wheel that can be adjusted up, down, and back, as well as paddles that make it a lot of fun to drive.In the hexagon console and door handles and other places, the use of a large number of plastic, leather material covered and wrapped, touch the sense of hierarchy is still good, 8.0 inches of large size display screen, screen design is simple, but fully functional, the front row is also equipped with manual air conditioning control system, free debugging of the most comfortable space atmosphere.The seat is relatively advanced and can hold the family firmly.Trumpchi GS4 has a length of 4545mm, a body width of 1856mm, and a wheelbase of 2680mm. The wheelbase of Trumpchi GS4 ranks 27th in the same class.The car space is relatively spacious in the same level, the height and width of the car are ideal, the back row leg space will not feel cramped, belongs to the upper level in the same level.The sunroof of trumpchi GS4270T offers a wider field of view, creating a better visual environment for rear passengers and good sensitivity, which increases the speed of the vehicle.The trunk volume is 470-1560L under normal condition, and the expanded volume is 1560L. The trunk volume of trumpchi GS4 ranks 11th among other models at the same price.Basically enough luggage space for a family trip.But there is no additional hidden storage space.Trumpchi GS4270T manual self-contained Smart flagship edition with 1.5 engine, maximum horsepower 169, peak torque 265, matching manual self-contained (AT) transmission.Overall power parameters, in the same class of engine power performance is superior, can provide better power performance.Ranked 27th among 80,000 to 120,000 SUV models.The trumpchi GS4 has complete active/passive safety features,Including anti-lock braking (ABS), traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.), tire pressure monitoring, uphill assist, full LCD instrument panel, rear parking radar, automatic parking, braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.), collision alarm/active brake, child seat interface, LED daytime running lights, brake assist (BA/EBA/BAS, etc.)), side safety air curtain, fatigue warning, slow descent of steep slope, body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC, etc.), lane keeping (LKAS) and other configurations.Among them, anti-lock braking (ABS) can ensure adhesion while also steering to avoid obstacles;Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.) enables the vehicle to obtain the best traction in all driving conditions;Full LCD dashboard personalized selection, rich information, vivid effect, support custom function, powerful, flexible, easy to connect with the network, peripherals, greater display effect.If the above data, participation and other not a comprehensive understanding of trumpchi GS4, then we have purchased trumpchi GS4 users in the history of word of mouth information, can give you a more comprehensive reference.It can be seen that people are most satisfied with the trumpchi GS4 is its large space, in addition, large space, fuel economy are also the points that people like it.The event will run from February 11, 2022 to February 12, 2022