In the world: Zheng Juan was raped in marriage and then pregnant, this section of the plot has a very serious BUG

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The World is on the air now.Period dramas are very popular if they can be done well.The drama, based on liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, has a great cast and impeccable acting.In the latest episode, after Zhou Rong, who loves nothing but her family, offers a new twist, Zhou’s mother lies on the kang and enters a state of ignorance.Therefore, Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun further relations.Zheng Juan this bitter woman, early life is really bitter, really can not imagine if there is no Zhou Bingkun, her life how.About Zheng Juan, we now know that all of zheng Juan’s tragic fate is due to a rape by Luo Shibin.But in this scenario, there is actually a BUG.There is a serious BUG in the plot of Zheng Juan’s rape and pregnancy.Tu Zhiqiang with water zilai is a pair?Tu Zhiqiang just came out is a gun/shot plot, see water brother, people think Tu Zhiqiang is water brother take the blame.Not, it seems.May be a negligent murder/person crime, it looks like, Tu Zhiqiang with water elder brother’s relationship is not general, and water elder brother with Luo Shi bin is really not what a good man.After the incident, water with Luo Shi bin zheng Juan money, selected zhou Bingkun looks like a good man.The direct result of this matter is that Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun’s fate from now on tied together, also began the fate of entanglement.Before Zheng Juan told Zhou Bingkun, Tu Zhiqiang married her is to hide, this sentence was quickly read by the audience.A lot of people say, put so beautiful wife, Tu Zhiqiang does not have any interest, but also need to hide, the truth is only one, is tu Zhiqiang true lover, is water.This can explain tu Zhiqiang, water zilai, Luo Shi bin between the three deformed relationship, can also make the plot more conflict.Only, scriptwriting dare not say clearly, can only hint at a dark poke poke.But a word is enough, now the audience can understand the kind of second.However, if, Tu Zhiqiang with water is really a pair of words, there will be a BUG.The big BUG is that lovers are unique to everyone.Death row inmate Tu Zhiqiang to keep up with the execution ground, with water zilai said zheng Juan pregnant, and then water zilai chose to send money to Zheng Juan.A lot of evidence shows that shui Zilai had no idea that Zheng Juan’s child was Luo Shibin’s child.Therefore, Tu Zhiqiang knew zheng Juan had a child, certainly thought the child is Tu Zhiqiang.Assuming water zilai love Tu Zhiqiang, he heard his loved one with others to give birth to children, must be heartbroken, this time back to Zheng Juan to send money, impossible, send eye roll almost?So, according to the thinking of ordinary people, if water zilai with Tu Zhiqiang is a pair of lovers, water zilai is impossible to send money to Zheng Juan.There is another thing, luo Shi Bin is how to know zheng Juan’s child is his belly?Assume that zheng Juan water zilai to send money for the reason that he is just with Tu Zhiqiang is brothers, and he is really sorry Tu Zhiqiang.So, how could Rothbin be so sure the baby was his?Tu Zhiqiang with water from the official declared it?Is tu Zhiqiang said what words, let luo Shi bin feel that the family a legitimate couple will not be the same room?Anyway, it just feels like there’s something weird going on between these three people.Conclusion is said, the original luo Shi bin behind will appear again, after the emergence is to contend for children.And, for that reason, Chow faces up to 15 years in prison.Life is impermanent, from the first time to Zheng Juan home, seems to be doomed to Zhou Bingkun life not smooth life.Let’s look forward to updates on what’s coming next.