Insight into the development and logic behind pandemic digital dentistry

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According to CONTEXT, 3D Science Valley’s global market research partner, the continued use of 3D printing for volume production remains key to accelerating growth, with dentistry being one of the key application areas driving growth.The dental 3D printing market is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2021, according to SmarTech.So what kind of technology is behind dental 3D printing? What is the development situation of typical enterprises?© 3D Science Valley White Paper Rapid evolution of technology brings new opportunities According to 3D Science Valley, industrialization, especially in the field of oral development trend is obvious.Digitalization has gradually become a key word in the development of Oral medical industry in China, and 3D printing technology, as a typical digital manufacturing technology, is destined to be integrated with the digital upgrading process of oral diagnosis and treatment, denture repair and orthodontic product processing.On the oral medical, dental and processing based on 3 d printing technology in the field of application of the development of the market research, China’s dental applications the market from the early focus on 3 d printing equipment, material requirements, how to apply a single dimension gradually development for 3 d printing and dental, dental integrating digital product processing chain, and improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency and quality of multi-dimensional needs.Internationally, dental clinics had been slow to invest in digital 3D printing before the outbreak, but the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digitisation as a key technology due to the advantages of sharing patients instantly.The dental industry is rapidly moving to full digitalization as affordable, easy-to-use 3D printing becomes more valuable due to continued innovations in materials and software.Soon, 3D printers will be commonplace in the dental industry.© 3D Science Valley White Paper Dental 3D printing applications include plastic and metal 3D printing. The development of plastic is very rapid. Take Formlabs, a typical enterprise in the industry, for example, since 2016, Formlabs printer sales in the dental industry has increased by 460%.And 2022 will be a milestone year for the growth of 3D printing, as dental clinics and LABS seek on-demand, rapid manufacturing for these fully digital workflows.With the rapid development of DENTAL 3D printing, according to 3D Science Valley market observation, including international Formlabs, domestic pre3d have launched specialized dental business departments, providing dental laboratories, orthodontic clinics with high-performance scanners, 3D printing equipment, and providing a variety of learning resources and dental service plans.Formlabs, in 2021, validated its Fuse 1 desktop SLS system for 3D printing dental models, introduced a biocompatible dental resin, and announced a new feature in its PreForm software that will directly convert oral scans into 3D-printable dental models.In 2021, First 3d will seamlessly connect its independent Aoralscan2 intraoral scanner and iOrtho platform of Times Angel digital intelligent orthodontics to realize the full digital process from oral scanning, doctor-patient rapid communication, program design to customized production, and optimize the entire digital orthodontic treatment process.© First 3D In other news, Stratasys has launched its compact multi-material J5 DentaJet printer, Materialise has released software modules dedicated to dental additive manufacturing, and SprintRay has launched dental resins and post-curing devices.Interestingly, sandvik, an established industrial company, acquired a medical and dental 3D printing company, while Roland DGA, a Japanese manufacturer, is returning to 3D printing with a new dental 3D printer, and Graphy is developing a material for direct 3D printing of orthodontics.Carbon offers a powerful 3D printing solution for orthodontics through its DLS technology, including a variety of materials and L1 printers that dental LABS can use to create clear aligner models.In fact, Carbon has partnered with Oral health digital platform Candid to make 3D-printed models of clear orthodontics.The photo-curing industry is highly competitive. Nexa3D launched its large-format NXD200 3D printer for dental LABS in 2021, partnered with Keystone to advance dental applications through 3D printing, and announced a new dental software partnership with manufacturing software company Oqton.In order to meet the demand for dental appliances and orthotics for patients with 3D printing.There is some competition between different 3D printing technologies when it comes to using 3D printing for dental orthodontics.The 3D Science Valley has observed that the adoption of HP’s 3D printing technology has reduced the cost of manufacturing invisible braces, and companies such as SmileDirectClub and Europe’s Impress continue to use 3D printing to push the boundaries of oral care and mass produce highly personalized products.According to 3D Science Valley’s market observation, AlignTechnology — Emm pioneered the development of an alternative to traditional metal braces. Since then, upstarts have emerged in an endless stream. SmileDirectClub, another upstart for the application of invisible braces, has developed rapidly.The third quarter of 2021 to $511 million of revenue, up 8.28% from a year earlier. I SmileDirectClubSmileDirectClub was founded in 2019, is engaged in the production and sales of orthodontics, the company said its survival orthotics costs 60% less than other schemes.Since its inception, SmileDirectClub has opened more than 300 SmileShops, including partnerships with CVS and Walgreens.According to 3D Science Valley’s market insights, SmileDirectClub’s differentiated market position is that in addition to being cheap, it comes with convenience and a 100% money-back guarantee with no results (a 24-month treatment cycle costs $1,950 to $2,386 – depending on the package chosen).Control costs in addition to HP’s 3 d printing technology with high efficiency production stealth orthotics need mould, SmileDirectClub also reduced the frequency of doctor-patient communication, by providing self-service scanning suites, makes the patients at home to realize long distance data communication online, to reduce the queuing again and again to go to the hospital or clinic to see a doctor.In 2022, Desktop Health of Desktop Metal launched Einstein, a series of high-precision 3D printers designed for dental professionals.And Flexcera Smile Ultra+, a dental ceramic resin approved by the FDA for permanent use.With a combination of 3D printers and materials, dental professionals can use the required combination to provide an accurate 3D-printed dental restoration for individual patients for permanent and temporary dental restoration in a variety of applications.Digitalization has gradually become a key word in the development of China’s dental industry. 3D printing technology, as a typical digital manufacturing technology, is destined to be integrated with the digital upgrading process of dental diagnosis and treatment, denture repair and orthodontic product processing.Full digitalization is the stable development trend of dental industry and dental processing in the world.As a manufacturing technology with significant digital characteristics, 3D printing technology has not only become a link in the dental digital processing chain, but also through the data flow of oral diagnosis, design, production process together, forming a full digital process of dental products processing.Under the trend of oral digitization, the field of dental digitization has the potential of “total 3D”.Because of this, 3D printing technology has attracted the attention of berg, Planmeca and other established dental enterprises, high-end dental clinics and advanced dental technician rooms.In the field of dental processing in China, chengdu Dent and other advanced denture processing enterprises have carried out the layout of 3D printing technology in advance, and put 3D printing equipment into the processing and production of denture products.This trend also makes 3D printing technology usher in unprecedented opportunities, dental processing has become a key field for many 3D printing enterprises to seek business breakthroughs, and has also become a new field that international established dental enterprises attach importance to.But at the same time, fierce competition comes with opportunities.Under the trend of oral digitization, how can 3D printing enterprises strengthen their own capacity building and create their own moat?How to stand out from the competition through their own strategic layout?3D Science Valley believes that the significance of 3D printing for the dental processing industry lies in the comprehensive realization of digital processing of dental products, because 3D printing is a digital processing technology, through “data” can be the design, manufacturing, treatment and other links in the dental industry chain together.3D printing technology is the “all-round player” in digital dental processing. If advanced dental processing enterprises want to realize the whole process of digitalization, it is almost inevitable to use one or several 3D printing technologies.If you’re just selling 3D printing equipment, without the power to mine the data at a deeper level, it’s going to be an increasingly difficult road.3D printing enterprises need to think about and build their own strategies. They need to work with domestic dental clinics and dental technicians to think about how to take advantage of the trend and rationally arrange 3D printing technology.How to create comprehensive competitiveness of dental digital processing including digital design, production solutions and printing materials?To pay attention to how 3D printing creates more market opportunities in the changing field of digitalization and digitalization, and to understand the logic of digital dental market competition, please refer to 3D Printing and Digital Dentistry White Paper 4.0 published by 3D Science Valley.Submit your submission to