On the sixth day of the holiday, jinan welcomed 323,000 tourists from 26 scenic spots

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On the fifth day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, but the majority of citizens and tourists are still enthusiastic about traveling and engaging in Japanese tourism activities. All kinds of cultural venues and scenic spots in jinan are still lively and full of New Year flavor.On February 5th, the reporter learned from jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau that the 26 scenic spots included in the monitoring of Jinan received 323,000 tourists, achieving a revenue of 13.641 million yuan.Among them, the World’s best Spring Scenic Spot received 87,400 tourists, Qianfoshan Scenic Area received 16,000 tourists, Impression Jinan spring World Tourist spot received 45,400 tourists, Sunac Cultural Tourism City received 64,800 tourists, Huayi Brothers Film Town received 70,900 tourists;The city received a total of 28,000 passengers with accommodation permits;A total of 57,500 passengers were transported by transport, including 24,800 by railway, 18,400 by civil aviation and 14,300 by road.In the strong festival atmosphere, all scenic spots continue to organize folk culture activities, so that the thick festival atmosphere.Many scenic spots continue to hold New Year Lantern Festival, light festival, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival and other activities, highlighting different themes and personalities, launching light show works, so that tourists can feel the unique charm of traditional culture while approaching lantern art, understanding traditional crafts and increasing artistic experience.The “Tiger Tiger National Tide Temple Fair” in Huayi Brothers Film Town and the Qin Qiong Praying Cultural Tourism Festival held in Wulongtan Park embody the spiritual charm of traditional Chinese culture.In the “Nanshan Temple Fair” of Jinan Jiudingta National Joy Park, a grand pier for performing arts has been built, where tourists can enjoy performing arts, folk customs, temple fairs, skiing, delicious food and the most authentic Taste of the New Year.Hongye Valley’s “folk Happy New Year”, with a variety of favorite happy New Year games for tourists to participate in, enjoy, let everyone feel the harmony and warmth of the thick taste of the New Year.Although entering the sixth day of the Spring Festival holiday, cultural tourism activities in Jinan still remain vigorous and wonderful.Cultural exhibitions are rich in content. According to the plan, the municipal state-owned theatrical troupe has staged Peking Opera “Deng Enming”, Lu opera “Jiangjie” and Laiwu Wooden Clappers “The Red Plum Under the Blade”, attracting a large number of audiences.City cultural centers, libraries, art galleries, museums and other joint, combination of online launch thematic, distinctive calligraphy exhibition of fine arts, photography art, heritage exhibition, exhibition, paper-cut art, shadow play classic exhibition, and the workshop, parent-child classes, stories, archaeological experience, allegro sound celebrating the New Year and a series of activities.Districts and counties also give full play to their functions as cultural venues, launching performances and folk activities with their own characteristics to bring citizens and tourists a wonderful spiritual and cultural enjoyment.Holiday tourism activities continue to maintain heat, all districts, counties and scenic spots have launched winter tourism projects in line with local conditions and highlighted their characteristics. Taking advantage of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Jiushan mountain, Jiuding Tower China National Joy Park, Hongye Valley, Jinan Paomaling, Longmen Mountain and other scenic spots continue to launch featured snow and ice tourism projects.Romantic wild and luxurious life experience, icefall tourism Festival, ice and snow carnival, Qilu Snow Village series plate, experience is very strong, citizens and tourists can not only visit the scenic scenery, but also try their skills, more appreciate the passion of ice and snow, ice and snow charm.