The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been praised by foreign audiences

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially kicked off on February 4 with a magnificent opening ceremony that drew the attention of people from all walks of life abroad.In Pyeongchang, South Korea, the site of the last Winter Olympics, many turned their eyes to Beijing as they attended a mass viewing of the opening ceremony.Yang Jin-Young, Korean audience: The opening ceremony made me feel the temperament of China, the scale of the grand, also feel zhang Yimou’s superb artistic attainments.In a word, I was deeply impressed by the charming opening ceremony.I hope the Beijing Winter Olympics can help overcome the epidemic and overcome difficulties.The governor of South Korea’s Pyeongchang county also expressed his blessing for the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Han Wang-ji, Governor of Pyeongchang County, rok: I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.Despite the impact of COVID-19, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will spread challenges, achievements, joy and feelings to every corner of the global village.I hope the Beijing Winter Olympics will become a grand ceremony to gather the strength of all mankind.At the Malamjaba ski resort in northern Pakistan, snow lover Norman watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics with friends at a hotel next to the resort.Norman, ICE and snow lover, Pakistan: I watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I was very inspired. The technology was so cool.I think the opening ceremony was a success, athletes from different countries participated, the opening ceremony was great, cool, wonderful.As the first country to participate in the Winter Olympics, Saudi Arabia pays close attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was wonderful, showing the pursuit of human unity and happiness, and many of the designs were inspired by the ingenuity of the organizers,” said Khalid Salama, executive director of the Saudi Winter Sports Federation.Salama, executive president of the Saudi Winter Sports Federation: China’s efforts deserve to be remembered and appreciated.We are grateful to China, and to all those who have contributed to the opening ceremony.We are very proud of our Chinese friends, and we are very proud of the Participation of the Saudi delegation.Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source: CCTV news client