Today and tomorrow, the precipitation pattern in our province restarts and the temperature fluctuates

2022-05-07 0 By

From 08 o ‘clock yesterday (23rd) to 08 o ‘clock today, xiangyang, Shiyan, Shennongjia local light to moderate rain, a county saw more than 50 mm of rain, other areas of intermittent precipitation, mainly cloudy weather.In the afternoon, the sun appeared in western China, and the temperature was significantly higher than the previous day, with the highest temperature of 15 ~ 21℃, and the highest temperature of 10 ~ 14℃ in central and eastern China.In addition, shiyan, Yichang, Jingmen and other local fog or fog this morning.According to the latest weather forecast, precipitation will hit our province again today and tomorrow.It is expected that during the day, the southern areas will take the lead in showers, with some lightning;Cloudy to overcast in other areas.In the evening, the precipitation will expand and increase in intensity, with moderate to heavy rain and partial rainstorm in eastern China.In other areas, it was cloudy with light to moderate rain, some heavy rain.Some parts of the province accompanied by lightning.The precipitation will begin to abate during the day tomorrow, with cloudy skies in most areas.Tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, only southwest hubei has light rain residual, other areas of precipitation end, cloud gradually thin or dissipate.The cold air is weak, and the rain comes and goes in a hurry, which has little impact on the temperature. In the next few days, the temperature in our province will have a small shock. Today, the highest temperature in most areas will be 18 ~ 20℃, and tomorrow it will drop about 2℃, and it will rise back the day after tomorrow.It should be noted that the wind will be strong in the province in recent days, with gusts of force 5 to 7 in the north. At the same time, some areas will also be accompanied by lightning.Spring is the season with high incidence of strong convection weather such as lightning and lightning. Try to avoid going out during thunderstorms. If you are outdoors, do not stay on high-rise platforms and stay away from exposed metal objects such as water pipes and gas pipes and electric equipment.Close doors and Windows indoors and reduce the use of electrical appliances.