2021 Air Fryer market summary: Online is king and high-end is beginning to take shape

2022-05-08 0 By

In 2020, driven by the “home economy”, the air fryer has become a popular category for young people to improve their quality of life.In 2021, air fryers are becoming less hot, but they are still the first choice for young people to make quick meals, and healthy elements such as “no frying” and “light oil and low fat” are also favored by health professionals.In 2021, the cumulative sales volume of air fryers exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the cumulative retail volume exceeded 10 million units. Online sales of air fryers remain an important channel.Manufacturers and distributors rely on new online models such as grass planting culture and live streaming of goods, making many young consumers unable to resist “buying” air fryers.Specific to the brand, online channels are also really live up to expectations.Take Joyang as an example. In 2021, its cumulative online retail sales reached nearly 700 million yuan and the retail volume exceeded 2 million units.In view of the characteristics of young and personalized online consumers, the diversified layout of online air fryer products has become the common choice of enterprises.Driven by the demand for health and quality, the high-end trend of air fryer market in 2021 begins to highlight.In addition, compared with the online market, the offline market has a smaller scale, but the overall high-end trend is more obvious.As an earlier entry into the air fryer market of traditional small household appliances enterprises, Joyang’s product types have been very rich, its double channel coverage of all mainstream price segments, product prices from hundreds to thousands, and even a few online and offline are launched more than 1500 yuan of products of the enterprise, but compared to the average price of the double line, still the gap is obvious.In 2021, the average online price of Joyang air fryer is 303 yuan/set, and the offline price is 514 yuan/set.The acceleration of the high-end of the whole air fryer enables consumers to transfer from a single price to a more comprehensive quality, and the advantages of the brand enterprises in the accumulation of strong technology and the improvement of the industrial chain are further reflected.They can be more proactive in launching products that really improve the app experience and ultimately translate into market advantage.Joyang has shown the way.With rich patent accumulation, Joyang actively air fryer innovation and upgrading.In 2021, Joyang launched a new generation of smart air fryer VF999, which is equipped with hongmongsystem, intelligent interconnection with mobile phones, support remote operation, preset recipes, private kitchen functions, so that the air fryer has become a part of the smart kitchen, at the same time, support micro steam tender roast, steam with baking, enhance the taste,It has realized the multi-dimensional value promotion of interest, intelligence and nutrition.The continuous innovation and upgrading of the success of the quality endorsement, so that Joyang air fryer won the recognition of the majority of consumers, firmly occupy the market head position.The air fryer’s popularity was originally based on the popularity of “sophisticated” consumption among young consumers.After the explosion, the market began to stabilize, and consumers began to return to a rational consumption concept. In addition to tasting fresh and seeking novelty, they began to pay attention to the cost performance and pay attention to the product itself to improve the quality of life.As far as air fryers are concerned, if they want to continue to win favor, they must continue to make breakthroughs in appearance and function, and to achieve this, they need to make efforts in consumer demand insight, technology accumulation, industrial design and other aspects.