America does not smell good!F-35 abandoned, Japan and Britain join forces to build sixth generation fighter jets

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The United States often uses its hegemony to “sell” its own arms, and the F-35 has become a hot item, partly because of this.America doesn’t seem to smell good these days.The F-35 is in bad taste?Will Britain, Japan join forces to develop sixth generation fighter jets?Japan and the United Kingdom have announced a joint effort to develop engines for the sixth generation of fighter jets, according to Reference News.From April 2022, the joint engine development work between Japan and the UK was officially launched.In addition, Britain and Japan are also preparing to implement a joint “missile program”.The report said the joint effort by Britain and Japan to build a sixth-generation fighter is a sign of a lack of confidence in the F-35.What do you mean?American F-35 fighter jets belong to the fifth generation of fighter jets, respectively, there are three TYPES of ABC, which correspond to the use of different services, respectively corresponding to the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.And it is the fighter jets that the US is pushing that are prone to accidents.Back in November 2021, an F-35B fighter jet was involved in an accident while taking off from the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.After the accident, Britain immediately launched an operation to recover the plane to prevent the leakage of core technology.Although the United Kingdom and other countries want to recover the plane, but the plane has sunk more than 1,600 meters to the bottom of the sea, later only to recover the wreckage of the plane.Salvage crews found a rain shield near the stricken aircraft carrier.The British Navy seems to have recognised the problem.Britain is investigating whether there was a technical or human factor in the crash.In addition, the F-35A is also prone to accidents.At the beginning of the year 2022, South Korea’s F-35A gave us an early blessing.A South Korean F-35A fighter jet was forced to make an emergency landing at a nearby air base after its system failed during a mission.The plane’s landing gear failed to retract and it landed on its belly. Fortunately, no one was hurt.Later, South Korea imposed restrictions on the aircraft and grounded them.The incident follows another incident involving a Japanese F-35A fighter jet.Both the US and Japan are investigating the incident, saying the fighter jet itself is largely out of the question.They attributed the crash to the pilot getting “lost in space.”The F-35 is the world’s most technologically advanced fifth-generation fighter jet, with world-class avionics and flight control systems.The Air Force has fitted aircraft with automatic collision avoidance systems that help pilots bring the aircraft back to safety in an emergency.The system largely avoids accidents caused by pilot error.Clearly, there are still many doubts in the us-Japan statement.Despite the f-35’s frequent mishaps, the fighter represents a deeper message: buying it would mean turning to the American camp.China has close military cooperation with the UAE, especially on military weapons such as drones.If the UAE wants to buy American F-35s, it will have to sign a very tough deal with the US.Once the agreement is signed, it means the friendly cooperation between the UAE and China will be cut off.As a result, the UAE has suspended talks on a deal with the United States for f-35 fighters.It is believed that Japan and the UK are also well aware of this operation by the US, and the joint development of the engine of the sixth generation fighter plane between the two countries is just to grasp the core technology first and take the lead.It is further evidence that the US is no longer the “hot item” in more and more countries.(qi month)