Gao Tingyu live show zhang Hong, netizens jeer women three hold gold, Zhang Hong published intriguing

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On February 14, Beijing time, China’s Gao Tingyu burst into the sky and won the Gold medal in 34.32 seconds, breaking the world record.As a member of the post-90s generation, Gao was selected to play in group 7, which is regarded as an unlikely group to win the winter Olympics. With his status as a flag-bearer, many people were worried about Gao before the games.But Gao Ting Yu art gao bold, successfully defeated South Korean player Car Min Kui and other strong enemies, onto the highest podium.Coincidentally, Gao started in group 7 with Zhang Hong, the Chinese women’s speed skater in the 1,000-meter event in Sochi eight years ago, who also won the Olympic gold medal that year.Gao tingyu gave China its fourth gold medal of the Games and broke the 42-year spell of failing to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics as the flag bearer.At the post-race medal ceremony, Zhang Hong presented Gao with the gold medal, completing the historic handover of China’s two generations of speed skating champions.As for Gao’s victory, Zhang hong said it was more exciting than when she won.Recall the feeling at that time, Zhang Hong said his palms have been sweating, although still in the commentary, but could not help but look at gao Tingyu on the field, and his results on the bulletin board.Zhang hong, this chance is for her to, at that time, the ioc has decided by an African ioc members responsible for the award of the night, but see is your teacher younger brother won the gold medal, she hopes that this man is his own, African members of the committee is also very happy to take this opportunity to her.Speaking of the tidbits before the awards, Zhang said she asked Gao if he could give her the gold medal ‘Bing Dwen Dwen.'”But he won’t.”Zhang Hong said with a smile.In the award ceremony, Gao tingyu pretended to throw Bing Dwen Dwen into the audience, which seemed to be a response to Zhang Hong.After the match, Zhang Hong also said that Gao tingyu still has a long way to go and hoped that people around him would not bother him.After the game, two people also interacted in the broadcast room, when the broadcast room someone said Gao Tingyu has a girlfriend, so, Zhang Hong let him out to explain.As a result, there was a torrent of abuse.Gao tingyu said: “This is the connection, there is no ideal type (girlfriend), like hong sister is very good.”Gao’s implication is clear: he regards Zhang Hong as his girlfriend.At this point, Zhang Hong are a little embarrassed.Gao Ting yu zhang hong said later, when they won the first Asian champions, she was the first to give Gao Ting yu to hug people, zhang hong said that I had just hugged Gao Ting yu one, and then ask Gao Ting yu held several, Gao Ting yu then answer again let atmosphere to heat up, he said, in addition to zhang hong, who didn’t embrace.Zhang Hong at that time a face shy, lower the head couldn’t help but laugh, make female host Liu Yuxi is also very embarrassed, at a loss, once language stop.Gao tingyu was born in 1997, while Zhang Hong was born in 1988. There is a nine-year age difference between the two.After the race, Zhang posted an intriguing update on her Weibo account, writing: “I’ve been called the speed skating champion for 8 years, and today I finally have someone to share this title with, champion Gao.”From the address of the two people can be seen, Gao Tingyu and Zhang Hong’s relationship is extraordinary.Zhang Hong was happy for Gao tingyu’s victory, and Gao Tingyu was proud to have a senior teacher like Zhang Hong.Some netizens said, “Go to Zhang Hong’s microblog, the two of them are almost officially announced”, “a lot of truth, said in a joking way” and “husband and wife” and so on.