Guanshan Lake: To build a green and happy homeland

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In recent days, the guanshanhu district of Guiyang, towns (streets) organized cadres, workers and representatives of the masses to actively carry out tree-planting activities, with practical actions to practice the concept of green development, to build a green beautiful and happy home.Zhuchang Town, Guanshanhu District, has volunteered to plant more than 400 “romantic cherry blossoms”.On March 11, before the Arbor Day, Zhuchang Town of Guanshan Lake district launched a voluntary tree planting activity in 2022 called on the masses to practice the development concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains” with practical actions.For the construction of “central Guizhou meeting room · beautiful mountain lake” “city hundred gardens · leisurely ancient Zhu Chang” add happiness index, ecological index.The scene of the activity was full of excitement.Everyone hand spade, hoe and other tools, three to five groups, division of labor cooperation, energetic, seedling, soil, step on, watering and other steps, combined with the next hits the cherry tree seedlings.According to statistics, the day of the town of all cadres and workers, each village two committee personnel more than 250 people, planted more than 400 cherry trees along the erzhu Road.Binyang Street: voluntary planting of trees to build a beautiful home guanshan Lake Binyang Street: voluntary planting of trees to build a beautiful home.On March 10, Binyang street of Guanshan Lake district organized cadres, workers, the masses, volunteers and a total of more than 200 people in the joint construction of units and property companies to carry out “sowing green new hope to build beautiful mountain lake” new era civilization practice “learn from Lei Feng” volunteer tree planting activities, to add new green for their homes.In the activity, we dug holes with shovels on the land next to the intersection of No.2 Road and Shangcheng East Road, supporting seedlings and cultivating soil, cooperating with each other, the scene was a hot scene.After planting, the trees stand tall and full of life.The volunteers who participated in the activity said that they would take practical actions to be good planters, protect the ecological environment, strive to be practitioners and promoters of green development, jointly fulfill their environmental responsibility, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful home.According to reports, the activity planted more than 500 osmanthus trees.In order to ensure the survival rate of new trees, the street will invite professional technicians to cultivate and maintain the seedlings after they are planted.Guanshan Lake District: 100 people volunteer to plant trees to add new green to the mountain park.On March 10, guanshan Lake District jinhuayuan Street organized a tree-planting activity in evergrande Central Park.More than 500 people attended the event, including relevant departments of province, city and district, responsible persons of Jinhua Garden Street, party members of the district, some enterprises, representatives of property management and residents, and students.The site is divided into three planting sites, everyone in pairs, or groups of three or five pick up spade in their respective planting area division of labor cooperation, or seedlings filling pits, soil, watering soil……After a morning’s hard work, 600 young trees have settled down in the mountain park.”It was the first time we participated in the tree planting activity, and we thought it was very meaningful. We planted our ‘friendship tree’ with our friends, and we will take care of it often in the future.”Several primary school students happily said.The Evergrande mountain park, which had not been effective management, surrounding the masses in a circle two three proposed in soliciting public opinion is eager to improve the quality of mountain park, and the arrival of the 44th a Arbor Day Jin Huayuan street tree planting organizing the public welfare activity, aimed at actively response to the needed, effectively raise the quality of people life and ecological environmental protection concept,Create a good atmosphere for everyone to care and support green planting.Yuntan Street: “Plant” this green to carry out the theme of national unity tree planting activities “pat, let the soil tighter”.On March 12, yuntan street organized more than 50 people, including street cadres and workers, “two representatives and one committee member” and resident representatives, to carry out the national unity themed tree-planting activities in Yuhong community.At the scene of the activity, we are all eager to dig holes, support seedlings, bury trees, backfill, cover soil, watering, passing pedestrians see this scene also joined the tree planting team, after 2 hours of solidarity and cooperation, successfully planted 56 pomegranate trees.According to reports, the street selected pomegranate trees, meaning that all ethnic groups like pomegranate seeds tightly embrace together, to build yuntan street ethnic unity to create a demonstration site to add confidence.Runxing community: Meet to sow hope in spring.On March 11, Runxing community of Jinyang Street in Guanshan Lake district organized a tree-planting Day activity for children with the theme of “meet spring, sow hope”, so that children understand the significance of planting trees, improve their awareness of loving the environment and protecting the environment.On that day, the volunteers introduced to the children about the origin of Arbor Day, the significance of planting trees, and told them to love the environment from childhood, love green plants;Later, the children presented their understanding of tree planting in the way of painting, and painted a unique work with their brushes.”We hope to take advantage of this event to let the seed of environmental protection take root, germinate and grow up in children’s hearts, and further stimulate children’s feelings of love, protection and pro-green.”Relevant person in charge of the community said.(Article/Tutai Xinyu, Zhao Xue, Liao Xingdan, Luo Ya, DING Yifu, DING Weixin)