Is that a run?Emmanuel Macron, who has delayed announcing his re-election bid, has published a book

2022-05-08 0 By

French President Emmanuel Macron’s new book “France through Macron’s Eyes” has been released less than a month and a half before this year’s presidential election, BFM TV reported On Tuesday.It was seen as “Unofficial announcement by Macron, who has delayed announcing his re-election bid”.”France in macron’s Eyes” is a 160-page “pocket book” priced at 12 euros.The book consists of eight articles and an interview by Macron, “a real date with the man who has ruled France for five years, his views on the country and his political philosophy,” according to the publisher.From amiens, the cradle of his birth, to Marseille, France’s second largest city, to the Pyrenees mountains, where his grandmother lived, Macron describes his life’s close ties with France in the book, which “should be seen as a starting point for macron’s official campaign,” according to French media.Mr Macron has used his presidency to his advantage in this year’s campaign, despite 62 per cent rating his security strategy as unsatisfactory.”Macron is not yet seen as an official contender for the Elysee Palace, but he has used the title to create an endless stream of topics for himself by speaking on the pandemic crisis, traveling on the Russia-Ukraine crisis and writing a book on his political views.”As the only book of his presidency, “France in Macron’s Eyes” was immediately reminiscent of “Change”.In November 2016, Macron launched his campaign as an independent candidate for the French presidency while publishing his autobiography transformation, which sold more than 200,000 copies in six months.Macron won the election the following year, with “Le Change” credited by the media.Macron also did not forget to pay tribute to the “French myth” of General De Gaulle in “France through Macron’s Eyes,” according to Gala magazine.Macron is taking another step towards re-election with his new book as the epidemic in France improves, employment increases and economic growth hits a record high.But it remains to be seen whether Macron’s new book will be a success and what the reaction will be.(World Wide Web)