Ren Ziwei won the championship, Huang Zitao posted a congratulatory message, this tone is too excited!

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HMMMM collapse cha-cha Entertainment Ren Ziwei won the championship, Huang Zitao published a congratulatory note, this tone is too excited!On the evening of Feb 7, Huang Zitao posted an excited post celebrating Ren Ziwei’s victory, and within seven minutes, netizens found out the relationship between Huang and Ren ziwei.Huang Zitao said: Congratulations zi Wei champion!This is so cool and exciting!After a night of excitement…Individual competition is also a team competition, the Chinese team are good, we won clean!It can be seen that Huang Zitao finished the whole race and remembered the teamwork and every little detail clearly.Careful netizens noticed that Huang addressed Ren ziwei as “Ziwei”, just like a good friend.Some Internet users were quick to find out their relationship.It turned out that More than a month ago, Ren Ziwei awarded Huang Zitao the promotion ambassador of ice and snow sports, so they knew each other at that time.Looking at Huang Zitao’s post, his analysis is quite reasonable and in place, pointing out today’s individual competition, which is also the team competition. Ren Ziwei won the gold medal thanks to the cooperation of his peers.Celebrities, like the rest of us, have used the Winter Olympics to better understand ice sports, not just the athletes, but the details of the process.