Than learn to catch up to do “artisan star”, tiger tiger open a new bureau!Let’s see what the Matchmaker star has to say

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On February 16th, Rong Media Center of Pudong New Area held the sharing meeting of “Rong Media Maker Star”, playing a leading role of example and encouraging the inheritance and innovation of ingenuity.At the sharing meeting, “media Maker Star” from the reporting department, editorial department, government affairs Service Department, Pudong Publishing editorial Department and other departments shared their feelings and thoughts in their work.Wang Yan, a journalist in the current politics team of “Content Maker Star”, told the story of the New Year’s Eve and the team colleagues are still fighting in the front line of the interview experience, showing adherence to the post and love.In daily work, they adhere to the central, serving the overall situation, to ensure the safety of current political news broadcast.Yan Erjun, another “content maker”, shared his experience and feelings of winning the Shanghai News Award and China Radio and Television Award for many times. He said that innovation and excellence starts from “zhamapu”, and only by laying a solid foundation can we produce more high-quality works.Zhang Bohao, the radio program host who edited three series by “Host Maker Star”, reviewed the growth and transformation in his work and expressed his confidence in the transformation and development of radio in the era of integrated media with the title of “Ten years of sharptening a Sword — Great promise for traditional broadcasting in the era of integrated media”.Wan Renjie, the leader of the government affairs team of “Marketing Star”, compared Nezha’s “three heads and six arms” to the government affairs service department’s multi-expertise and multi-capabilities in multiple business areas.Since the establishment of The Media Center, the government affairs Service Department has made every effort to meet the needs of customers and provide guarantee.”Management star” Pudong release team through scene reappearance, multimedia display and other ways, fully show the team in daily work to carry out authoritative release, provide convenient services, do a good job of public opinion response, strengthen learning management, showing the tiger tiger live power, strive for the first-class spirit.The sharing session also awarded awards to the individuals and teams who won the “Matchmaker Star”.In order to carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, comply with the trend of in-depth integration of media and improve the professional ability of all business departments, according to the general requirements of the Publicity Department of the District Party Committee (Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau) on the reform of the salary system to “encourage advanced”, the New District Rong Media Center has carried out the selection of “Rong Media Maker Star” since 2021.Regularly select and commend a group of excellence, the pursuit of excellence post expert, business model, etc., in the center to create more than learning to catch up, strive to become the “artisan star” atmosphere.New Year new start, on the depth of the media convergence development goal and lead area of publicity, zone melting media center will be struggling to break bureau “promotion channel” “human pay”, in order to promote the propagation force, influence to safeguarding, through the depth of the contents, platform integration, “vertical” entire media ecosystem, and further promoting the propagation force influence, the content and output the brand,Related content and marketing.Responsible editor Ni Liqi source published in Pudong view number author: Pudong Observation