The Spring Festival heat index is the highest, why these ten scenic spots?East China accounted for six

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The application of big data in traditional industries is nothing new, and tourism is no exception.Baidu Map has released big data of Spring Festival travel for several years. For the Spring Festival of 2022, Baidu Map released various data of Chinese people’s migration on February 9. For the tourism industry, the top ten scenic spots with the highest passenger flow thermal index are the most concerned.Of the top 10 scenic spots, there are two in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and one in Shandong, Fujian, Chongqing, Hubei, Jilin and Liaoning.There are six in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong and Fujian provinces in East China, which is related to the economic development of east China’s coastal areas. After all, tourism is optional consumption to a certain extent.Although there are also tourists from outside East China, local tourists should be the mainstream in the city on the premise that epidemic prevention and control is still the top priority.Some people may say, the Greater Bay Area economy is also developed, why does not a scenic spot appear in the top 10 of the thermal index?On the one hand, the epidemic situation in the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong during the Spring Festival is not optimistic. On the other hand, the population migration of the Pearl River Delta during the Spring Festival increases sharply, and the cities also reduce various festival activities that may lead to the gathering of people. All these factors inhibit the travel in the Greater Bay Area.Nanjing is home to both of the top two scenic spots in Jiangsu province, while it is somewhat surprising that suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou, which each have six, four and three 5A scenic spots, did not make the list.However, the two scenic spots on nanjing’s list each have their own advantages. Confucius Miao-Qinhuai Scenic Zone is arguably the top scenic spot in Nanjing’s tourism industry. The 5A scenic area, which best embodies Nanjing’s history as the ancient capital of six dynasties, is actually composed of more than 70 large and small scenic spots, most of which are free to visit.Xuanwu Lake Park, the largest urban leisure park in Nanjing, is also on the list for free. It is not surprising that it is the first choice for people to travel outside the city during the Spring Festival.One of the two scenic spots in Zhejiang is in Hangzhou and the other is in Wenzhou.The west Lake scenic spot is similar to nanjing Confucius Miao-Qinhuai Scenic belt in terms of charging – a small number of scenic spots are charged and a large range of free access.As a world heritage site and a symbol of “heaven on Earth” in Chinese culture, The West Lake is also a popular tourist destination for tourists all over the country, as can be seen from the annual long holiday on the broken bridge.Wenzhou nanxi River is the west garden of Yandang Mountain World Geopark, which not only has the natural scenery that can be called landscape gallery, but also the ancient towns and villages along the coast are the places where tourists like to stop.Shandong made the list with Qingdao Coastal Scenic Area, another packaged tourist attraction that includes five bays, six mountains and several islands along a 25-kilometer coastline, including famous Qingdao attractions such as Badaguan, XiaoQingdao Lighthouse and Zhanqiao Huilange.And Fuzhou Yushan Scenic spot Park is not the most outstanding in the local compared with the three lanes and seven lanes, but this 4A free open scenic spot is also one of the most popular places for Fuzhou citizens to “cut away”, after all, here to have flowers, to have scenery, incense worship Buddha, ancient visit can meet the requirements.Chongqing and Wuhan on the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River also have one scenic spot on the list.Wulong Karst Tourist Area has always been the most popular scenic spot outside the main urban area of Chongqing. This 5A scenic spot features Karst landform and is also a world Heritage site of Karst in China. Tiansheng Sanqiao, Xiannv Mountain and Furong Cave, which constitute the main body of the scenic area, can meet the preferences of most tourists.Wuhan 5A scenic area Huangpi Mulan cultural health tourism area is located in wuhan back garden Huangpi district, tourism area contains eight scenic areas, mountains, grasslands, lakes tianchi and flowers pastoral farmhouse, the capacity of tourists is also large enough.Winter is supposed to be the peak season for ice and snow tourism, but northeast China’s list is not typical ice and snow destinations like Snow Village and Changbai Mountain.Changchun’s World Sculpture Park and Dalian’s Jinshitan National Tourism Resort are both 5A scenic spots. The former focuses on gardens and sculpture art, but many people may also come here to enjoy the ice and snow sculptures in the park during the Spring Festival.Golden Pebble Beach is the quintessence of Dalian’s more than 2,200 kilometers of coastline. Seven exhibition halls along the Golden Coast, the National Geological Park and the Cultural Expo Square offer a choice for visitors with different needs.During the Spring Festival, families with the old and the young often travel together. Among the ten scenic spots on the list, 5A scenic spots account for 60%. 5A scenic spots that can provide comprehensive services and guarantee safety are naturally the first choice.In addition, only two scenic spots in the north were selected, indicating that scenic spots in the south have green landscape and even flowers in early spring even in the cold Spring Festival, which is incomparable in the north and high-altitude areas.