To achieve common prosperity, we should not suffer from “envy” or “killing the rich and helping the poor”.

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Why sima Nan will “kill the rich and give aid to the poor”, Zhang Jie will make “pinkeye”, there are a lot of international companies, why lenovo will be so calculated?Was Liu Chuanzhi’s godfather trampled by Si Zhang?First of all, there is a kind of soil for Lenovo, which is recognized by Liu Chuanzhi: 35% performance bonus in 1998, management shares in 2000, Oceanwide group 29.9% shares in 2009, and Yang Yuanqing’s management owns 8.9% shares two years later!There is 80 thousand land attributed to Lenovo, Ni Guangnan left.All the above operations have different opinions, which were summarized by Zuo Dapei, Mr. Mingde, Tao Yong and later Yan Lieshan.No matter how much this force made waves, it did not make waves, but there was always an undercurrent.This is an undercurrent in so-called academia.Second, there is an undercurrent in society that 5G votes for Qualcomm instead of Huawei.The undercurrent of donating computers to the US military, too many foreign executives, and too high salaries for management had once set off a huge wave, which led to Liu Chuanzhi had to personally refute rumors.Third, common prosperity began to become a new social goal, but how to solve the specific theoretical guidance has not done a good job, common prosperity actually has two points: 1, is to cultivate the middle active, can not be too big, small at both ends, big in the middle.Secondly, it is to raise workers’ wages, which is the hourly wage base. In the future, we hope that half of junior middle school graduates will go to college and half will go to technical schools and go to factories.But if the wages of the workers are not raised, the words will be hollow again, and the society will have more idlers.Comprehensive above, we understand and realize common prosperity, but can never make tenny “pink eye”, the USTC physics graduate students to the work of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, feel the salary is too low, flee into society, is a rich experience, law, finance, history, education, master key, so to speak, no, no don’t know, also verify everything fine,That is, there is no a craftsman spirit, where there is a hot spot to go, gradually improve the advantage of the mouth gun, look at the past zhang Jie road is the only hand is citic Reform and opening up fund, this is this sign like a look, so kill to tear lenovo is to use this sign, “pinkeye” where?Bellyful of zhang Jie books can not sell, flow no, no fans, middle-aged people accomplish nothing, the only pride is a three academicians, and grandpa, ancestors and so on.Looking at Sima Nan hand tear association, feeling grew up in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on the class how can you watch the fire?So kill red eye, from the first set to fourteen sets, say not to know why, turn over and over the red hat enterprise, Ni Guangnan, directly define corrupt officials Liu Chuanzhi.Are not real, after all, given the so-called controlled circulation, zhongguancun story has nothing to do with lenovo, but the story of the zhongguancun compound, 15 sets at this time, take out the determination of Revelations started digging graves, also is the momentum of the emergence, disgrace, called the “pink eye” us something about SiMaNa “ShaFuJiPin” below,Sima Nan read yan Lieshan’s introduction of Mr. Mingde, and tao Yong’s and Zuo Dabei’s articles. Of course, the key is to discuss whether he explored the past by himself or someone recommended him in a planned way, which is important to him.First look at Sima Nan is indeed a hero fighting for righteousness, otherwise he would not join qigong, find qigong, finally fight against the fake qigong, will not risk his life to expose the fake doctor and Wang Lin, this point can be sure that he has a hero fighting for righteousness, but is not being used or trapped in it?Many environment can change a person, there is the book (mob) is this meaning, when you enter the atmosphere, lenovo is under attack, lenovo, you’ll enter the role, what’s more, the public and lenovo kechuang board a day, it has to be said for SiMaNa completely conquered, so be you conquer, forget all the “truth” and began to detail report trip,At the beginning of the development momentum is the chance of reconciliation, is really is Joe always treat for his release a very friendly attitude, is also underestimate the power of SiMaNa behind, from here we can see SiMaNa “ShaFuJiPin” certain behind someone, otherwise it will certainly go to eat meal SiMaNa, nor P figure, which are the characteristics of team combat.Seize the opportunity to make hot spots, not fishing flow, is to play opponents.In case of sima Nan hit, national investigation, lenovo collapse or Liu Yang accident, that Sima Nan “killing the rich and giving to the poor” can be described as a world war I fame, behind the team is also a contribution to the next level.Relative to Zhang Jie’s background is father and grandfather, in his hand tear association four sets put forward his father’s short film, many netizens did not pay attention to, in fact, is the block brand role from November 24 hand tear association began to November 28 released father’s short film, in fact, is a kind of guilty!And SiMaNa ShaFuJiPin apparently radical, follow one’s inclinations, and clever to catch the opponent’s mistake for many times, a round of another round of the capability of the more special to behind, SiMaNa a bit it wasn’t quite right, because of this storm with tenny assists, disconnect the memorial arch, pull open underpants, grandma wang on principle, Li Gonggong are suggested,In fact, now reflect on grandma Wang is behind Rao so-and-so, Li Mou, is the so-called Sima south surrounded, call reinforcements, Grandma Wang always said to come!Finally sima South did not wait for reinforcements, can only start to dump the pan, delete, sell the author, but because of the interests of grandma Wang, so can not sell Grandma Wang, grandma Wang should contact place is no. 8 South Causeway Lane, that is their joint code.Because mingde, Mr. Yan and others don’t care, but grandma wang could master the allocation of funds, and therefore cannot sell, but this battle “ShaFuJiPin” could setback, mentally for SiMaNa, could not find north, was on hand to tear before lenovo reputation is not very good, mainly the United States have a house I do not know whose wife and children, living let SiMaNa traveling back and forth,Finally hit a battle, become the hero of “kill the rich and give to the poor”, but the wisdom of the mountains and rivers stir up the pace of progress, sima Nan at present incoherent do not know how to advance and retreat!Zhang Jie is relatively more cunning, pick the most malicious, said the most lies, now go to talk about the red house!Look, this pair of “pinkeye disease” and “kill the rich and help the poor” who cool cool?