“Winter Olympics coming” zhangjiakou around the characteristics of mass cultural activities: a total celebration of life passion to welcome the grand event

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Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Guo Xiaotong) February 3, at the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, zhangjiakou city counties and districts carefully organized a variety of winter Olympic mass cultural activities, the people actively participated in the city’s enthusiasm to welcome the Winter Olympic Games, the atmosphere is increasingly strong.Walking into the Winter Olympics Cultural Square located in the Jingkou District of Zhangjiakou city, you will be greeted by a perfect combination of “ice and snow blue” and “Chinese red”. The lovely “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” welcome visitors from all over the world with open arms.A mass cultural activity with the theme of “Together towards the future” is being staged here.Chorus “In the Bright Sunshine”, dance “Mother is China”, “The most beautiful Is You”, these zhangjiakou residents themselves choreographed the performance, full of deep blessing to the Party and the country, but also expressed the Beijing Winter Olympics eager to express.”The performances are simple and the feelings are sincere.The Winter Olympic Games is coming, every zhangjiakou people are looking forward to the success of the event, looking forward to the winter Olympic athletes to achieve good results.At the same time, I want to show our hospitality and be a good host.”Li Ronghua, a 73-year-old resident of Zhangjiakou, said excitedly.Look, the waist drum played the spirit of the rainbow, hit the spirit of struggle;Listen, powerful drums and gongs sonorous and powerful, beat out to meet the cheerful voice of the Winter Olympics…In xuanhua ancient city qingyuan downstairs, the yangko team wonderful performance, won bursts of applause and cheers from the audience.”The Yangko team consists of more than 100 community art lovers. The players skillfully intersperse folk elements such as land boating and dragon dancing in the Yangko dance. The performance style is bold and heroic, the atmosphere is lively, with strong local flavor and is loved by the masses.”Xuanhua district cultural center training director Han Youzhi told reporters that the Yangko team will also go to grape town, west city wall square, century square and Zhongshan square and other places for street performances, with everyone together for the New Year, winter Olympics.”We have performances every Spring Festival, and this year it’s even more meaningful because it coincides with the Winter Olympics.I wish you a happy New Year and a successful Winter Olympics.”Guo Yulin, a member of the Yangko team, expressed this sentiment.In the cultural square of Datianwa Village, Yangyuan County, the villagers danced to the music of “The more love the world is, the more wonderful the snow is, the more we can’t wait to enter our hearts”.”The dance is very dynamic and fashionable, and the villagers are very enthusiastic about learning it. They all want to show their best spirit and contribute to the Winter Olympics.”Wang Fumei, a villager, said happily that the villagers’ life is getting more prosperous and they have more time to do square dancing. She was eager to perform before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Red paper cutting, reflecting red time.Nanzhangzhuang village of Yu County is the birthplace of paper cutting in Yu County. “Cutting window flowers to welcome the Winter Olympics” theme creation activities are carried out in the villagers.In the hands of villager Zhou Yaqiu, a small carving knife and a thin piece of red paper soon became a beautiful winter Olympic-themed paper-cut work.”Pasting paper-cuts during the Spring Festival is a tradition and a wish for a happy life in the future.The Beijing Winter Olympics will soon open, we hope that through the national intangible cultural heritage of Yu County paper-cutting, together for the winter Olympics held at home, come on!”Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.