Yellow alert for ice on roads in Shexian CountyTravel note

2022-05-08 0 By

She County Meteorological Observatory continued to issue yellow warning signal of road icing at 09:21 on February 18, 2022.Under the influence of rain and snow, some mountain roads in Shexian County may be iced in 12 hours.Xi women’s workers help trapped vehicles in Shexian County, Xi province, On Feb 17, 2011. Xi women’s township workers shovel and remove ice at a xi level.Affected by the cold air, 61 cities and counties in the province, except the northern part of Huaibei, have seen light to moderate snow since 3 o ‘clock in the morning of the 17th, including parts of Lu ‘an, Hefei, Xuancheng, Wuhu, Chizhou, Anqing and other places have heavy snow, huangshan scenic area for heavy snow.At the same time, most areas along the northern part of the Yangtze River saw gusts of force 6 or so, with 16 towns in Anqing, Hefei, Wuhu and Ma ‘anshan having gusts of force 8 or more.As of 8 o ‘clock this morning, a total of 23 cities and counties in the province have snow, lu ‘an, Hefei, Huainan, Bengbu, Chuzhou and other places have snow depth of 1 ~ 4 cm, more than 5 cm: Huangshan Scenic spot 26 cm, Tianzhu Mountain 12 cm, Jiuhua Mountain 5 cm (Figure 1).Compared with 8 o ‘clock yesterday, huangshan scenic area new snow 15 cm, Tianzhu Mountain new 6 cm, the rest of the snow depth are new.It is expected that there will be light rain and snow in the whole province today and tomorrow and gradually stop. Among them, there will be moderate snow and partial snow in dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area today (Figure 2).From the night of 21 to 23, there was a rain and snow in dabie Mountain area and jiangnan area along the Yangtze River.In the morning of 20th and 24th in the next week, the minimum temperature in Our province will be low: -7 ~ -5℃ in the morning of 20th in dabie Mountain Area, Huaibei area and jianghuai Area, and -4 ~ -2℃ in other areas;24 morning dabie Mountain area -7 ~ -5℃, Jiangnan -5 ~ -3℃, other areas -3 ~ -1℃.Tea gardens and orchards need to take measures in advance to reduce the harm of cryogenic freezing.February 18 to 19 daytime rain and snow forecast source: Central Meteorological Observatory, Anhui Meteorological News submission email: editor: Wang Jing second instance: Xu Haisheng final instance: Jin Yimei