Yu Zhaorong of Ox Intelligence Investment: Master the “script”!Money is aimed at oil and gas

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Yu Zhaorong that the market performance in line with the early holiday period of the forecast, first of all, the Shanghai Composite index high open 46 points, and early judgment high open 50 points of view fit.Secondly, the financial industry is strong, and the banking plate is a new force.Third, the energy sector was the largest gainer, during the holiday related futures strong performance, prompting the plate up.Fourth, the concept of ice pier pier has a strong performance, and the relevant targets have basically been sealed.Overall, the market is playing to my playbook.Yu zhaorong: Everything is in the “script” control!Market funds aim at a kind of direction!The stock prices of Ningwang and Moutai are not satisfactory, which reflects that the fund should be cautious in the direction of heavy positions, while the low-value and undervalued products have more opportunities. Banks and energy products are representatives, and institutional funds are cutting high and low. The undervalued direction is a good strategy, and the moderate investors should consider the middle line.In the short term, there are more opportunities in the oil and gas direction.Liquor plate respect, enter month line level adjustment, time will be very long.Head and shoulder bottom form of teaching real estate plate darkest hour has passed, 2022 will usher in a repair up.How to excavate real estate opportunity, it is bibcock idea above all, recruit to protect 10 thousand gold;Secondly, it can be judged from the perspective of free capital that companies with projects in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai or southeast coastal areas will be more flexible.In terms of medical services and CXO, the initial valuation was too high by institutional funds, and Gulen’s fund fell significantly, with limited room for further exploration at present.But it takes longer to get up.Share complex head, shoulder and top techniques left shoulder section — a continuous period of rise, with a short dip, and a significant decrease in transaction volume from when it reached its peak.The highest point of head-stock turnover decreases significantly compared with the left shoulder.The right shoulder is formed when the stock price falls near the previous low and then gains support. The stock price fails to reach the top and then falls back.Break through — a fall from the top of the right shoulder through the bottom of the neck line connected by the bottom of the left shoulder and the bottom of the head, breaking the neck line by more than 3 percent of the market price.If you think your opinion is good, welcome to comment, your forwarding and praise is the biggest motivation for my creation!(Responsible editor: Li Wen) The content of this article is for reference only, so operate at your own risk.The stock market is risky, so be cautious about entering the market.Warning: the stock mentioned in this article is only used for cases, and does not constitute any recommendation!Operate accordingly at your own risk!