【 I do practical things for the masses 】 home kitchen “braving black water” police timely help rescue

2022-05-09 0 By

On the evening of February 4, aunt Wang, who lived alone at home, had her kitchen drain blocked. Sewage from upstairs poured directly into aunt Wang’s kitchen, leading to serious water in the room. After aunt Wang reported to the police for help, the police from Dagang Police Station of Shibei Public Security arrived to help her.Dagang police station police arrived at the scene, I saw Aunt Wang’s kitchen is full of black sewage, and sewage is still in continuous overflow, has been overflowing into the living room.Aunt Wang told the police that she was having a rest when she suddenly heard the sound of water coming from the kitchen. When she went to the kitchen to check the situation, she found sewage flowing out of the pipe. She could not stop it.The police quickly climbed the stairs, knocked on doors, told the upstairs neighbors not to drain the kitchen for the time being, and found tools to help Aunt Wang clean up the water.On the morning of 5th, the police and community staff arrived at Aunt Wang’s house together and dredged the sewer pipe with special tools. Aunt Wang expressed her gratitude to the police and community staff.