Car winter detection and maintenance of three major

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1. The brake fluid is safe and must not be careless. The winter brake fluid must be replaced with good quality.2. With the change of temperature, the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oil will also decrease with the temperature and the fluidity will become worse. When the friction resistance of automobile parts movement increases, it will lead to the car cold starting difficulty, engine power decline, serious even can cause burning tile holding shaft and other accidents, it’s best to replace the oil in winter.3, the antifreeze is normally changed every two years, the best winter repair shop to do a freezing test, to determine whether the need to replace the antifreeze.4, the warm air system to check, if there is a problem to repair in time.5. It is more difficult to start the car in winter, and the battery is more likely to lose power.The oxide on the battery pole should be removed to ensure that the pole is in good contact and eliminate the hidden danger of difficult start-up.For the use of liquid battery owners, but also check the liquid level of the battery electrolyte height, if the liquid level is lower than the line need to add distilled water.It’s better to send the underpowered cars to the garage for charging in time.Two, chassis performance testing and maintenance 1, brake pads and brake disc and brake drum should also be checked.Including the handbrake system.If there is no problem, use a repair shop blow gun to clean the dust off the drum brake.Uneven brake pads should also be polished to make them smooth.2, to carefully test the suspension and the front half shaft, to see if there is oil leakage and so on.On the flat ground, press the top of the four wheels of the car with your body to see if there is any abnormal sound.1. If the wiper is used for too long, it must be replaced.Winter rain and snow, visibility is not very good, windshield vision must pay attention to.2, do not forget to check the headlights, if the headlamp bulb dark need to be replaced in time, fog lamps should not be ignored.Brake lamp is more easy to damage, more timely inspection and replacement.3, tire winter rubber becomes hard relatively brittle, not only the friction coefficient will be reduced, but also easier to leak, puncture, check whether the tire has obvious trauma, scratches, tire pressure is standard.Pay attention to frequent cleaning of inclusions in the tread, replace the larger wear tires.In snow and ice areas, winter tires are a good idea.4, the use of glass cleaning liquid should also pay attention to the colder regions can buy the best winter special products.5, if the car has obvious scratches and bruises, to do the external paint processing in time.Because the function of paint is not only beautiful, its more important function is rust prevention.6, pick a sunny day, do a whole car waxing, to maintain the car paint surface.Don’t polish the stained areas more than once, it’s better to repaint them