Tired of coke chicken wings, might as well try coke braised shrimp, delicious taste, give you a different experience

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Tired of eating coke chicken wings, might as well try coke braised shrimp, taste delicious, give you a different experience on New Year’s day is a holiday, every family can prepare all kinds of food and drinks, coke is one of the many adults and children all like to drink, coke contains caffeine can temporarily off drowsiness and restore energy, so people often call coke “happy fat curtilage water”,In fact, coke is not only good to drink, used to cook the taste is also a must, for example, everyone has eaten coke chicken wings, with coke to make food not only beautiful color, taste is sweet sweet, adults and children love to eat, but you know?Coke in addition to do chicken wings, use it to do sea shrimp is also a must, sea shrimp belong to seafood, do not taste abnormal fishy, not delicious, but with coke stew is not the same, shrimp meat is tender, taste delicious and juicy, the entrance is slightly sweet, rice and wine are appropriate.Shrimp is delicious, succulent tender, delicious and nutrition is very outstanding, shrimp contains plenty of protein and trace elements, not only for easy digestion and absorption by human, also has the very strong antioxidant capacity, dishes, soup or make the shrimp paste, for middle-aged and old friends, appropriate to eat shrimp can help protect cardiovascular etc, also can reduce cholesterol,Prevent hardening of the arteries.And sea shrimp can also help breastfeeding mothers through milk, milk promotion, so breastfeeding mothers can eat more, both can be conducive to milk, and do not have to worry about the problem of gaining weight.Today let’s share this coke braised prawns are extremely simple, food delicious is the key to choose the ingredients and cooking technique, in order to take care of the little white kitchen, I specifically chose this dish for you, can’t cook friend don’t worry, simple steps can be done, don’t just look like friends do not do well, find a free time to reward their stomach!!!!: Coke braised sea shrimp: sea shrimp 12, green pepper 1, 1 spring onion, ginger 2 pieces, coke 300g, peanut oil 20g, salt, 1g chicken essence, 2g pepper.: 1, buy a jin of fresh sea shrimp, and prepare a spring onion and a piece of ginger.2, the sea shrimp clean, remove the shrimp whisker and shrimp line.(There is a trick to picking out the shrimp thread. Prepare a toothpick and insert it into the second joint of the shrimp back. Gently pick it and the shrimp thread will be removed.)Continue to wash the processed seafood several times.3, wash the spring onion and ginger, shred the green pepper, wash and slice.4, add a little cooking oil to the pot, oil hot after the next pepper fried incense, fried hu pepper out and throw away.5, continue to add sliced green onion and ginger, stir fry until fragrant, then add the washed sea shrimp, fry the sea shrimp until red, then pour in coke, and bring to a boil.6, add a little salt in the pot, chicken essence, cover the pot after simmering for minutes, see the pot soup, become more and more thick, add sliced green bell pepper, when the color of green pepper dark off the fire out of the pot, light looks very appetite, delicious and good-looking, everyone to try it!1, sea shrimp to remove shrimp line and shrimp whisker, many times after cleaning cooking.2, the pepper will be fried after the fish, then add onion and ginger until fragrant, and finally put in the prawns.3, like to eat spicy can put a little more pepper, home with children can put a little less.If you are also a food lover, you might as well click on me to explore the mystery of food!