Xinyang shangtian ladder toll station in front of the road, fell down a large stone should be responsible for

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A stone that fell from the truck of the cart driver caught the cart of the cart driver.Xinyang Shangtiandi Management area is a place rich in mineral resources, with many rare non-metallic minerals, such as rare earth perlite stone.In order to collect fees for the management of freight cars, there are toll stations and metering service stations on the road.Do not know whether these sites have relevant fee approval qualifications?Who owns these roads?Today, not far from the tollgate, a large stone fell from a large truck and blocked the road, affecting the passing cars, many of them walking around.A white car, it hit the rock, and it got stuck.The driver got out to check the situation, laboriously dug out the stone, laboriously picked it up again, and threw it into the side of the road ditch.Scattered stones on the road, seriously affecting the past vehicles, a careless will lead to a car accident, but, scattered stones on the road, unexpectedly no one asked, no one cleared.This road is the main transport channel with frequent large vehicles. Trucks should be closely covered, and management personnel should clean the scattered stones and other objects in time. They should not sit idly by.Who is responsible for obstacles in the way?