Zibo citizen: In such cases, nucleic acid testing will be free of charge before March 15

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 1, the reporter learned from the Leading group of Epidemic prevention and control and Economic Operation of Zibo Municipal Party Committee (referred to as the ministry) that during the Spring Festival period until March 15, all people who have been identified as being at risk of infection can enjoy nucleic acid testing services free of charge.According to the self-study, the people at risk of infection include: people from prefecture-level cities outside the province with no reported cases entering and returning to Zi;People who live, work or dine with people who have a history of travel to key regions in China;Family members living with a home health monitor;Those who have recently been discharged from the quarantine control due to their travel and residence history in key areas of the epidemic abroad or in China;Recently participated in large-scale gathering activities;Recently discharged patients and accompanying staff;Recently received international parcel mail;Other persons who may be at risk of infection according to their own judgment.Residents of Zibo can go to the nearest sampling sites for conventional nucleic acid testing set up in their respective districts and counties.During the Spring Festival travel rush, zibo Railway Station, Zibo North Railway Station, Linzi North Railway Station and Zibo Passenger Transportation Center also have temporary nucleic acid testing sampling sites, which can be sampled free of charge when entering and returning to Zibo.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jiasheng report)