2-1, 3-minute volley + 88th-minute winner, juve refused to suffer successive setbacks and went through with the milan duo

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Juventus, the two-time Champions of the Uefa Champions League and currently in fourth place in Serie A, will take on 12th place Sassuolo at the Allianz Arena in the final of the Coppa Italia quarterfinal at 4am on Feb 11, 2022.Juventus before the last 4 games all competitions three wins and a draw, the state is quite good, but Mr Solow last four matches 2 minus 1 win 1 draw, slightly inferior, but three guest challenge Juventus recently, Mr Solow 1 win 1 draw 1 negative does not fall in the wind, meetings, the two sides had a time this season in serie a at the time, by Mr Solow’s victory over Juventus home,So this game is also juve’s revenge.Home of the 4231 by juve, who by miodrag vlahovic, Mr Barak, common led by Mr, palin starts, at the same time desi Leo, zakaria, Delhi hutt, sandro also got a chance to start, in addition artur, boast more Della, McKechnie also starts to battle together, maura tower sits on the bench, but Mr Solow offering out of the 451,Skarmarka, Hamid, Maksim, ruan lead the starting team together, while Giacomo, Berardi, Kerikoopoulos, ferrari also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Aihan, Halaui, Pegolo also started together.In the third minute, juve took the lead after dybala, who struck the top left corner of the net from 12 yards, attacked from the left.The game drew in the 25th minute when Hamid ran into a wall with his team-mates before driving into the left side of the penalty area, beating the Juventus defenders and scoring with a volley.In the 55th minute, McKinney’s shot bounced off the right post.In the 88th minute of the game, Vlahovic put on the winner.Juve overcame the embarrassment of losing twice in a row and are through to the last four behind milan, where they will meet Fiorentina in the semi-finals.