Residents of yangxu Project resettlement area welcome the Spring Festival

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Video loading…As the Spring Festival approaches, the Yangxu Project resettlement area, located in the center of Bajiawei Town, Yangchun City, is fully decorated to welcome the New Year.Since the first batch of people moved into the resettlement area in September 2020, Bajia Town has focused on improving the basic support and long-term resettlement of immigrants, and followed up the results.A few days ago, the reporter visited the moving households here, recorded the new life that they build new homes to bring.Wang Shichang is cleaning his house and putting up decorations to welcome the Spring Festival in yangxu project resettlement area.This year marks the first Spring Festival that Wang’s family has spent in the resettlement zone.As a migrant from yangjiang Pumped storage Power Station, Wang Shichang’s family was allocated two new houses covering an area of 100 square meters in the resettlement policy.After dealing with barren land for most of his life, Wang shichang moved to a building with complete water and electricity this year, earning a steady annual income of nearly 50,000 yuan for his family.The family lives and works in peace and contentment in the town, and the sense of happiness and gain is palpable.Wang Shichang: the government for our resettlement area residential building construction of the foundation can withstand five floors, the foundation is very good.The government built two floors for us, with ordinary decoration, so immigrants could move in, and we were very comfortable living in this room.As a major industrial construction project of Yangjiang city, the construction of the resettlement area supporting the Yangjiang Pumped storage power station project is promoted synchronously. The total investment of the project is 146 million yuan. According to the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government, the Party Committee and the Government of Bajia Town have promoted the resettlement work in an orderly and efficient manner.In 2020, the resettlement area of Yangmu Power Station completed the construction of 247 resettlement houses with a total area of 76,000 square meters, supporting the construction of public management buildings, garbage transfer stations, recreational and sports venues, parking lots and other facilities.It has undertaken 247 villagers of natural villages such as Gengkou, Dalie, Shixiang, Tangjiao and Tangmian of Gaowu Village Committee of Bajia Town, and settled a population of 1149 people.Wang Shichang: The environment around The town is very beautiful. We are very satisfied with the supporting facilities around the town.At that time, it set up an entertainment place with a parking lot, and everyone enjoyed a very happy mood, especially for children to study and the elderly to find jobs.With the goal of “moving out, settling down, and getting rich”, local party committees and governments have continuously strengthened follow-up support for relocation, improved basic support and long-term resettlement policies, and ensured that the relocated people can live a better life from “living in a better house”.Text and video: Yangchun Rong Media Center statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: