The Spring Festival gala was held in Xinhe County, Xinhe Town

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Cattle farming harvest, golden tiger added wings to the song.Recently, the town of Xinhe held the Spring Festival gala in the conference room on the fourth floor of the organ “New Journey · Year of the Tiger reflecting Zhaohui”, cadres and the masses gathered to celebrate the New Year with songs and laughter.The event kicked off with a square dance song “Welcome to Wine” by the Gerst Community Dream Dream Dance team.Street dance, chorus spun the song hero, including small Chaplin, national dance “xinjiang shouts” “xinjiang landscape beauty” the bell girl programme highlights another, such as the melodious melody, impassioned singing, passionate dance, humor funny parody the colorful art performance activities, again and again to the scene atmosphere to a climax.There are always interactive games to celebrate.The activity carefully prepared cadres and the masses to participate in a wide range of interactive games, whether it is to enhance the tacit understanding, deepen the understanding of “you draw and I guess”, or to test the accuracy and patience of the pitcher, from time to time from the scene of the activity of everyone’s laughter, become the best witness of the festive atmosphere of the activity.”Wow, good, good shot.””Come on, come on, let me try.”Officials in Shinhwa town are playing the game of throwing a pot, which was popular in ancient times when the scholar-officials feasted.Wang Long, the official of the organ, played vigorously, and his precise throwing attracted everyone to clap and applaud.Finally, accompanied by a song playing and singing “Maixilaifu”, the cadres and the masses on the scene danced to the cheerful music beat, pushing the whole literary and artistic activities to a climax.”It was meaningful for us to enjoy the programs, eat melon seeds and talk about the harvest and happiness of the New Year,” said Aynur Imiti, an official of xinhe Township.The Spring Festival gala not only enriched the cultural life of officials and the masses and added to the festive atmosphere, but also promoted exchanges, exchanges and integration among people of all ethnic groups and further strengthened the sense of community of the Chinese nation.(Review: Li Feiqing Correspondent: Xiao Xu)