The progress!The main structure of the International Land Port Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University was successfully capped

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Morning of November 31, 2021, ten QiYe group of China shaanxi branch contract to build the first affiliated hospital of xi ‘an jiaotong university international hospital project land port seal ceremony was held at the main structure, experts and scholars, representatives of enterprises and workers all the construction unit and project management on behalf of more than 200 people gathered in the construction site, such as common witness this exciting moment.”The International Land Port Hospital is the first new branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University, carrying the expectations and dreams of more than 5,100 XJTU medical staff.”The first affiliated hospital, anyone, deputy party secretary in his speech stressed that the hospital will be aimed at international medical frontier, and attract a large number of outstanding medical talents at home and abroad to shan service, for the people of countries along the “area” to provide a high level of international medical services, at the same time the international land port for the construction of the hospital, will attract more excellent enterprises, talents in international port district,Xi ‘an to build the “Belt and Road” talent highland to provide a strong guarantee.Deputy General Manager of China Resources Land Xi ‘an Sports Exhibition Platform Company said that as a key livelihood project of Xi ‘an under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the Land Port Hospital will officially enter the construction stage of the above-ground structure from April 25, 2021. After only half a year, it will complete the overall ceiling assessment of the main structure in advance on November 30, 2021.Marks the stage victory of the project construction.China ten QiYe group deputy chief engineer, said the project as the xi ‘an international port area of 120 square kilometers area, the first 3 armour hospital, overall service all the way “” area construction, international medical center in shan ten QiYe builders will anchor the objectives, self-motivated, not only to ensure that subsequent each node goal smooth realization,What’s more, it is necessary to build “the benchmark of 17th Metallurgical Hospital Project and the pacer of 13 Hospital project competitions in Xi ‘an” with high quality, and launch an impact on the titles of “Chang ‘an Cup”, “Luban Award”, “National Quality Project” and other industries.At the end of the activity, yan Hong, vice president of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, solemnly announced that all the participants poured the concrete of the last part of the main structure of the project, which marked that the main structure was successfully capped and the project was about to enter a new stage of secondary installation, mechanical and electrical installation, decoration and other special construction.It is understood that as the xi ‘an municipal party committee, municipal government promoting one of 13 key hospital construction project, the big international land port YiFuYuan anyone hospital, after the completion of the project will provide xi ‘an international port district citizens more convenient, high-quality medical services, to further alleviate such outstanding problems as “difficult”, fully satisfy the people’s growing health needs,At the same time, as an international medical center to help the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, it will play a more far-reaching strategic significance.Fang Xiaomei brings the hot plate of the International Port area for your reference!Recommendation: Poly Jinshang is currently in the preliminary consultation, and the price is to be determined.The total area of the project is about 144 mu, with a total construction area of 338,000 square meters. The greening rate is 35%, and the plot ratio is 2.5.The project is divided into two phases of development, a total of 22 small high-rise housing, a total of 2008 households, rough delivery.Project Description: Poly Jinshang Project covers an area of about 144 mu, with a total construction area of 338,000 square meters, with a greening rate of 35% and a plot rate of 2.5.The project is developed in two phases with a total of 22 houses.The project is shaanxi Poly’s first entry into China, namely, the high-end improvement products “Good Living” series, to create a healthy, intelligent, entertainment in one of the whole age interactive community life.Transportation: Metro Line 3, Line 14, Line 10 (under construction), commercial: South China City shopping Center, Sand Ship Aole, Vientiane Urban Complex (under construction) and other surrounding, close to the Olympic Axis ecological Park, land port football theme sports park, new temple site park and other ecological resources.Traffic: Bus: Take 248 /223 / Port Circle Line 2, get off at the new Minsheng Medical station, walk 600 meters to it;Metro: Line 3 (Shuangzhai Station), Line 14 (Xinsi Station), Line 10 (under construction) Self-drive: The interchange of Gangxing Third Road and Hetai Road, International Trade and Logistics District Property Address: The interchange of Gangxing Third Road and Hetai Road, Chanba International Trade and Logistics District, Xi ‘an Recommendation reason: Hot plate: Ziyun Fu on December 31, 2023.15,200 yuan/square meter.A total of 2068 households.Projects for small high-rise, low – rise, high-rise board building.Ziyun Mansion is located about 100 meters east of Qihang Park, Gangwu Avenue.Location of ring Road: Outside the Third Ring Road Plot ratio: 2.50 Greening rate: 35.00 project Introduction:Ziyun mansion is xi ‘an China resources land deep harbor new works and xi ‘an China resources land from the pen international cultural business center, the construction of xi ‘an international conference center, xi ‘an international exhibition center, leading the Olympic sports center plate, updates to the placeholder city today leading to political and economic center of port avenue plate, China resources land every works on the pace of urban development.Ziyunfu project has a total construction area of 380,000 square meters, a plot ratio of 2.5, and a greening rate of 35%. It is planned to be a pure community with small high-rise buildings from 14 to 16F, with 2T2 households of 117/-139 square meters. It is currently in the early consultation period.Get off at new Minsheng Medical Station and walk 1km to the project), Land Port Line 1: (Note: Get off at Land Port Financial Town Station and walk 1km to the project), Property address of Metro Line 14 under construction: About 100 meters east of Qihang Park, Gangwu Avenue, Chanba International Port District, Xi ‘an