8.08 billion yuan, 10 projects signed centrally, Hengyang County sounded the Year of the Tiger “charge”

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February 16, Hengyang County held the first batch of investment projects in 2022 centralized signing ceremony.(Zhong Zhonghua/Photo) Signing ceremony.(Zhong Zhonghua/photo) Rednet moment Hengyang February 16 – (reporter Song Meiguan intern Liu Hao correspondent Qiu Peng Wang Qin) February 16, Hengyang County held the first batch of investment projects in 2022 centralized signing ceremony, 10 projects centralized signing, the total investment amount to 8.08 billion yuan.Hengyang County Party secretary Zeng Jianhua, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee, County magistrate Sun Hao attended the meeting.Since last year, Hengyang county fully implement the “three high four new” strategic positioning and mission tasks, accelerate the “three strong one” construction, the full implementation of the “three projects”, to create “five bases”, strive to build a socialist modernization of new Hengyang County.Taking the construction of industrial projects, the rectification of cadres’ work style and the optimization of business environment as the starting point, it vigorously promotes the mode of “comprehensive acceptance and one-stop handling” and increases the power of administrative examination and approval items in the park, so as to achieve full coverage of “one thing at a time” and “work within the park”.Fully implement the “code” into enterprises, one “code” to protect business, vigorously carry out the “100 chief” post administrative efficiency supervision and evaluation, the business environment has risen to the top of the province and the city.Relying on the advantages of location, transportation and resources, the two park platforms have attracted a large number of industrial projects to settle down, cultivated and strengthened the “eight industrial chains”, and initially formed an industrial development pattern of “one core, two corridors and four parks”.The 10 projects signed this time involve many industries such as culture, tourism, health care, modern agriculture, ceramic processing, intelligent equipment, light industry and textile, and infrastructure, all of which are major projects to strengthen the foundation, increase energy and benefit the long-term.The signing of the project will be hengyang County sprint “a good start”, to achieve the “red year” to lay a solid foundation for the growth of the county economy, to promote high-quality development into a powerful power.Zeng Jianhua said, departments at all levels should always maintain the spirit of “chuang”, big investment, big business, the introduction of more big enterprises good enterprises, big projects good projects, to provide project support for the construction of modern New Hengyang County;Always maintain the momentum of “innovation”, continue to optimize the business environment, and strive to build a first-class brand of business environment in China and the leading brand in the province;Always maintain the “dry” style, adhering to the “enterprise rich, our development” win-win concept, to provide zero distance, zero defects, zero interference of high quality and efficient service, so that entrepreneurs in Hengyang County rest assured investment, comfortable development.