China’s normal University rankings have been updated, with Beijing Normal University firmly in the top spot and Northeast Normal University relegated to sixth place

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“Knowledge changes destiny”, students’ education is also a top priority, and teachers, who shoulder the task of teaching and educating people, are particularly important. Every year, a large number of students apply for normal university, hoping to be engaged in the education industry after graduation.Teachers are not only no problem of the “iron rice bowl”, but also enjoy a high status and respect, many parents are particularly in favor of normal major, hope students can apply for an examination, but the strength of each college is not the same, some college strength, but also some colleges and universities constantly downhill.The Times are constantly changing, the education industry is also experiencing many changes, and the strength of universities is also changing a lot. The ranking of Normal universities in China has been updated, with Beijing Normal University firmly in the top position, while Northeast Normal University has retreated to the sixth place.Beijing Normal University tops the list of China’s top normal universities, with Northeast Normal University relegated to the sixth and first tier.Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Central China Normal University Beijing Normal University over the years have been the “leader” of normal universities, teachers and professional strength are firmly in the first place, the top position is deserved, but the “threshold” is quite high, no one more than 650 points can not enter the examination.And east China Normal University and Central China Normal University followed, the former is a 985 university, the latter is only a 211 university, but the strength is very strong, also worth students to choose.The second tier: South Normal University, Hunan Normal University, Northeast Normal University, South China Normal University South Normal University has made rapid progress in recent years, becoming a “dark horse”, the school has a strong learning atmosphere, the postgraduate rate is also high, many ace majors.In addition, Hunan Normal University has outstanding professional strength and a good geographical location, but its popularity is not as big as the previous universities, so many students will subconsciously ignore it.As an established university, Northeast Normal University’s decline to the sixth place is also surprising, but probably has a lot to do with its geographical location. Located in northeast China, it has a cold climate, but its comprehensive strength is also very strong, such as mathematics, chemistry and biology.There is also the strength of South China Normal University is very good, the geographical location is superior, or 211 universities, not a 600 points is difficult to pass the examination.The third tier: The popularity of Shaanxi Normal University, Fujian Normal University and Zhejiang Normal University also affects students’ application. Shaanxi Normal University is not favored by students because of its low popularity and remote geographical location, but its education and psychology are outstanding.Fujian Normal University and Zhejiang Normal University this performance is also very bright, crowded into the top ten, very suitable for the middle candidates to register.Fourth gear: capital normal university, shandong normal university, henan normal university, jiangxi normal university, tianjin normal university have to say, the capital normal university is ranked 11th, also called a person feel very surprise, in fact the school at Beijing normal university, under the “halo” of slightly dim is the norm, and shandong normal university is ranked 12th, a slight decline, after all, but education in shandong province, the examinee to weigh the clearly as well.Tianjin Normal University ranks 15th. Its strength in both teachers and scientific research is well recognized by parents and students in the local area, but it is not enough when compared with the top few. Students should also apply for the university according to their academic performance, and try to apply for a more suitable university.Normal class university of benefits, but also nots allow to ignore, lots of students volunteer to the university entrance exam students also should weigh the pros and cons are confused, and the students just blindly follow suit to enter oneself for an examination, and normal class university can make it easy for students to obtain employment, and even “directional students after graduation can also package distribution, but also has a drawback, that is normal university admit fractional line is on the high side,Students who are stuck should be cautious.In fact, in the author’s opinion, the normal college admission score is on the high side also proves the importance of education, education itself is not careless, and students want to register for the normal professional, their own also have to pay more efforts, even if more than dozens of points, but also worth students to consider.But for those who are poor, or not on the results of the students, the higher the ranking of the university distance is also more “distant”, and students want to get greater results, the college entrance examination results is the first premise, so students can be thoughtful.Normal major is particularly important, students should register for a reasonable professional, to get ready for employment the first point, as far as possible to choose popular major, such as language number English, chemical biology history and other majors.After graduation, students can also have more test editing opportunities, especially the main subjects such as Chinese and English are more popular, but the same competition is more intense, students should also consider good gains and losses.Second, try to apply for normal universities in first-tier cities, so that there will be more job opportunities after graduation.For example, in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, for example, teachers in a middle school in Shenzhou have an annual salary of about 400,000 yuan, as well as a substantial “resettlement allowance”. Although students have high requirements for education and ability, they should also plan their goals well in advance and strive for them constantly.The author’s message: the strength of the more powerful universities, admission score is also “rising tide”, students also want to plan in advance to register the colleges and majors, and combined with their own actual situation to register, but also hope that students can accumulate more theoretical knowledge, in the college entrance examination to achieve excellent results, and smoothly register for the university!Which normal university do you think is more suitable for middle school students to register for?Remember to point a little attention, we see you next time ~ (the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Sister Xin education diary