Starting at 117,900 units, 280,000 units will be sold in 2021. Where does Changan CS75 PLUS win?

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In today’s compact SUV market, domestic models can be described as taking the limelight. Haf H6, which has been selling well before, has evolved into the third generation model, which still takes the top spot in terms of sales performance, followed by Changan CS75 series, which sold a total of 280,000 units in 2021, beating Geely Boyue.It has become second only to Haf H6 in domestic compact SUV. Today, let’s take a Changan CS75 PLUS model to interpret it and see why it can become the second domestic compact SUV model with sales ranking?The guiding price of Changan CS75 PLUS is 117,9-154,900 yuan. Today, what we want to interpret is the 2022 1.5T automatic luxury edition, which also belongs to the next low model in the whole car series, and the guiding price is 124,900 yuan. However, there is no significant discount on the market.In the past, the shape of Changan CS75 PLUS is very attractive. The net uses a large area of black elements, which is very cool, while the two sides are more publicity fog lamp area, as well as red decorations, which gives a strong sense of sport.Of course, big lamp group still becomes an organic whole through chrome-plated ornaments, also appear very individual character.The 1.5T Auto Deluxe is equipped with LED automatic headlights, a lens and a delay off function.From the side, the CS75 PLUS also has a sharp silhouette, with black trim on the front wing that extends to the door and chrome trim on the upper window that extends to the D-pillar, making it eye-catching.Of course, the protruding wheel arch and the red trim panel under the door can still reflect the sense of power and movement.In terms of size, the CHANGan CS75 PLUS has a body length of 4,690 mm and a wheelbase of 2,710 mm, putting it on par with the Harvard H6.The 1.5-T Auto Deluxe comes with 18-inch dual-color multi-gauge aluminum wheels, as well as 225-width tires.At the rear of the car, the LED taillight of Changan CS75 PLUS adopts the shape of letter V, which looks very stylish and has been smoked black, making it highly recognizable.There is also a wide rear spoiler above the window, and two bilateral exhaust ports under the bumper, making the rear of the car with stronger sports attributes.Inside the car, the interior design of Changan CS75 PLUS is simple and generous, and the materials used for work are as good as those of Harvard H6. The central console is covered with large areas of soft materials and decorated with silver ornaments, and the sense of layering is quite distinct.Of course, the center console of CS75 PLUS is tilted towards the driver’s side, making driving more convenient.The central touch screen is 12.3-inch and has rich connectivity and entertainment features.Starting with the 1.5-ton automatic deluxe version, the CS75 PLUS has six speakers, bringing even better sound effects.In the driver’s seat, the CS75 PLUS uses a sportier flat-bottled multi-function steering wheel, which is wrapped in leather for a more delicate touch.The front is equipped with a 7-inch LCD dashboard, which can display rich content. In terms of safety configuration, 1.5T automatic luxury edition in addition to active safety function is absent, such as 360-degree panoramic image, cruise control, front side airbag and other basic configuration is complete.The CS75 PLUS has sporty front seats and is wrapped in faux leather, but the 1.5-ton automatic deluxe version only supports electric adjustment in the main driver’s seat, which makes it more primitive.The ride comfort of the rear seat is still good, the head and leg space are more adequate, the central platform at the foot is also a flat structure.Changan CS75 PLUS is equipped with large panoramic sunroof on 1.5T automatic luxury models, which can take into account the lighting needs of the front and rear seats.The conventional capacity of the trunk has reached 620L, and the rear seat support can be scaled down, which can expand the trunk capacity to 1450L, and the loading capacity has been greatly improved.In terms of power, Changan CS75 PLUS has two sets of power, among which the 2.0t engine can output 171kW peak power and 360N·m peak torque. Under the support of the 8AT manual automatic transmission, the acceleration feeling is very strong.Of course, the 1.5T engine is also enough for daily commuting. After all, it can also produce a peak power of 131kW and a peak torque of 265N·m. This Blue Whale series engine, combined with the Aishin 6AT manual automatic transmission, also has a strong acceleration performance and lower fuel consumption.The comprehensive fuel consumption of the 1.5T automatic luxury version under NEDC conditions is only 6.5L/100km, and only 92 gasoline is needed to satisfy the appetite. The travel cost of each kilometer is only 0.45 yuan, which is a representative of taking both fuel consumption and power into account.In terms of chassis, Changan CS75 PLUS adopts common Macpherson front independent suspension and multi-link rear independent suspension. Chassis adjustment tends to sport style, which is consistent with its appearance design. However, there are only front-drive models in the whole system, and there is a lack of four-drive models.Write at the end:Today’s domestic models can not be compared with more than a decade ago, whether it is fuel consumption performance or internal and external design, domestic models have made great progress, take this Changan CS75PLUS as an example, basically no obvious shortcomings, space and comfort performance is still very popular with domestic consumers, of course, its price is also relatively close to the people,1.5T automatic luxury version of the configuration are all available, and fuel consumption performance and power can stand the test, 124,900 yuan price to get it, or very appropriate.