Take care of your emotions before you deal with things

2022-05-12 0 By

It is the “human mood” that should be thoroughly understood.Any business can easily cope with this insight.Matsuura Yitaro once my sister because I first brush my brother’s teeth, began to irritate, greatly upset.”This time it’s because…I’ll give you the first brush tomorrow.The first and the second are all the same. Don’t always snatch…”And the more she cried and cried.In the end, both sides lost, and things didn’t work out very well.Today, I saw Matsuura Yitaro wrote in his book that business is like this, we must pay attention to each other’s mood, under what circumstances will people have what mood?What do you want to hear when you’re feeling sad?Take care of your emotions before dealing with things.Adults do that, but what about children?After reading this book, the next time this happens again, I always want to put her in her arms, before speaking the truth to appease her emotions, the child quickly smiled through tears, as if nothing happened to play with his brother, or let her do anything, she is very cooperate.Change a point of view to think about the problem, people for those who can help solve their troubles, bring happiness and things, are very willing to accept and cooperate.