Alert upgrade!Gusts force 10!There is heavy snow here in Heilongjiang

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It is expected that the strong wind in our province will continue from April 5th to 6th. The average wind of most areas is 4 ~ 6 and the gust is 7 ~ 8, and some areas can reach 9 ~ 10. On April 5th, light rain and snow will appear in most areas of our province from west to east.In areas affected by rain and snow, roads may be icy and slippery, please take precautions.The temperature in the province will drop from west to east from 5th to 6th, with a drop of 6 ~ 8℃, and a local drop of 8 ~ 10℃ in the central and eastern regions.On the eve of rain and snow, the wind is larger and the fire risk meteorological level is higher. It is still necessary to pay attention to fire safety.On May 5, 6 and 8, the average wind force in most areas is force 4 to force 6, with gusts of force 7 to 8, and some areas may reach Force 9 to 10.Rain, snow and drop in temperature on May 5, light rain and snow will fall in most areas from west to east, with moderate snow in some parts of northern China.From 5th to 6th, the temperature dropped from west to east in the province, with a drop of 6 ~ 8℃, and 8 ~ 10℃ locally in the central and eastern parts.Temperature in the next 7 days, the temperature in most of the province will drop sharply in the early stage and rise slowly in the late stage.Heilongjiang province 5 daytime to 7 daytime weather forecast of the province 5 daytime: The Greater Hinggan Mountains, north of Heihe, north yichun cloudy with sleet to light to medium snow, including the east of Heihe, north Yichun local medium to heavy snow, other areas cloudy with showers to sleet.From the night of 5th to the day of 6th: north of Heihe, north of Yichun, central Jiamusi, west of Shuangyashan, east of Harbin, Qitaihe, Jixi, Mudanjiang cloudy with snow or sleet, other areas sunny sometimes cloudy.6 night to 7 day: southeastern Harbin, southern Mudanjiang cloudy with scattered sleet, other areas sunny sometimes cloudy.The maximum daytime temperature on 5 days: 0 ~ 2℃ in the Great Hinggan Mountains, Heihe and north Yichun, 5 ~ 7℃ in the south of Yichun, Qiqihar, Daqing and north Suihua, 9 ~ 11℃ in Hegang and south Suihua, and 12 ~ 14℃ in other areas.In addition, from 5th to 6th, there will be force 4 to Force 6 winds in most areas of the province, with gusts of force 7 to Force 8 and up to Force 9 in some areas. The meteorological level of fire risk is relatively high. Please pay attention to fire safety.From The night of May 4 to the day of May 5, the areas affected by rain and snow may have icy roads, slippery;From The night of 4th to 6th, the temperature drops from west to east in the province, with a cooling range of 6 ~ 8℃, which can reach 8 ~ 10℃ locally in the central and eastern parts. Please pay attention to prevention.Provincial traffic weather forecast cooling wind!Harbin today with sleet 5 day: the city overcast with sleet;Nw wind force 5 ~ 6, gust force 7 ~ 8, bureau force 9;The highest temperature 8 ~ 11℃.5th night: sunny sometimes cloudy city;Northwest wind force 4 ~ 5;Minimum temperature -6 ~ -3℃.There will be rain and snow during the day today, the road will be slippery, so please pay attention to traffic safety.The next three days more wind weather, local may be accompanied by sand, fire risk meteorological level is higher, agriculture, electricity, communication and other facilities as well as billboards, enclosure, temporary structures need to do reinforcement, vehicles and pedestrians should try to avoid staying under high-rise buildings, strictly prohibit the use of fire in the field.Temperature drops substantially, keep warm, prevent colds and other diseases.Gust force 8, local force 10!Harbin city meteorological station on April 5 at 9 o ‘clock upgrade gale blue warning signal for gale yellow warning signal: it is expected in the next 12 hours shangzhi, Yanshou, Fangzheng, Yilan, Tonghe, Mulan average wind level 7 ~ 8, gusts 9 ~ 10;Other districts, counties (cities) and Harbin main urban area average wind level 5 ~ 6, gusts about level 8, accompanied by blowing sand, please pay attention to prevention.1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing gale according to their duties;2. Stop outdoor activities and outdoor dangerous operations such as high altitude, and people in dangerous areas and residents of dilapidated houses should try to take shelter from the wind;3. Cut off outdoor dangerous power supply, properly place outdoor items vulnerable to strong winds, and cover building materials;Airports, expressways and other units shall take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units shall pay attention to the fire prevention of forests and grasslands.Harbin 5 days weather forecast Harbin meteorological life guide reporter: Li Baosen integrated Longjiang weather source: Heilongjiang Daily