Don’t love power, enjoy your old age (Story 14 of Wang Jian)

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Wang Jian was not only brave and good at fighting, but also a military general. What was more valuable was that Wang Jian was also a wise general.He is both brave and wise.In war there is no hard fight, there is strategy.Politically, he has a shrewd and cool political mind.He saw the King of Qin very clearly.He he is careful, in the possession of a heavy army, when the power is in hand, to request the fine land and the United States house behavior to eliminate the monarch’s suspicion.When he returned to overthrow the State of Chu again and achieved great success, he made outstanding achievements and shocked the world, he did not miss the position of power, insisted on retiring after success, and soon handed over military power and lived a life of seclusion.So that the King of Qin could not doubt him and live his life in peace.Therefore, Wang Jian was a strategist and statesman with both wisdom and courage in history.Wang Jian was a famous military commander in the late Warring States Period. He and his son Wang Ben made great achievements in the process of the qin Dynasty, which was founded by the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.He knew how to use an army, how many men to use;He knows how to avoid enemy’s edge and when to use his soldiers. He is an outstanding military strategist and a rare general for qin.