King of Glory: experience clothing ushered in the adjustment of five heroes, Bian Que, Sima Yi enhancement

2022-05-13 0 By

The experience server of King of Glory has been updated on February 11th, and five heroes have made corresponding adjustments. As we all know, the adjustment of the experience server is likely to be reflected in the official server. Generally, after the adjustment of the experience server, if the overall game experience is not too serious, it will be released to the official server after a period of time.The strength adjustment of the five heroes also means the strength of the heroes in the future. Let’s take a look at the direction of the five heroes.1. Bianque Bianque’s base movement speed has been changed from 350 to 360, which is a bit faster. Meanwhile, passive imprinting has been increased from 40% of bianque’s own healing per second to 50%.Sima Yi’s second ability has been passively improved. Instead of taking 50% spell damage within 5 seconds, sima Yi will take 2 seconds, which means sima Yi is less likely to be killed.Three, shield hill shield hill two skills were cut, shield hill from the appearance to now has been a strong hero, although weakened many times, still did not escape the planner again weakened, the shield hill two skills effective range by the original 650 reduced to 600, that is to say to the backing mountain more difficult back to people.The cost of xi Shi 1 skill is too low, and it is difficult for opponents to counter it. This adjustment lengthens the spell CD of Xi Shi 1 skill, which means xi Shi 1 skill will not attract people so often in the future.Sun Shangxiang has always been a very popular hero, the appearance rate is not only high, the win rate is not low, this adjustment has weakened sun Shangxiang’s second skill armor penetration ability, from the original hit 25% armor penetration to hit 20% armor penetration.This adjustment has a total of two heroes enhanced, three heroes weakened, while the hero to be weakened in the official service has not been put on the line quickly now take points, missed the time to play again will not be so strong, how do you think about this adjustment