Liaocheng 354 people “taste fresh” driving test opened the first test of the year

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At 11 o ‘clock on February 7, liaocheng Development Zone vehicle driver test center, successfully passed the driving test subjects of three items gao Leyi, a face easily ran to the signature room to confirm the result, his face is full of smile.Gao Leyi, a freshman at a university in Jinan, applied for the driving test after the college entrance examination last year and successfully passed subjects ONE and two during the summer vacation.After returning to Liaocheng during the winter vacation, I took the exam of subject 3 for the first time and passed it successfully this time.It was the first working day after the Lunar New Year holiday.On this day, 354 examinees entered the driving test center of the development zone, “tasting the first test of the year”.Gao leyi said that in two of the three subjects, he “didn’t expect” that the appointment test would be so convenient and there would be a wide choice of test venues.I didn’t expect the exam to go so smoothly, and the attitude of the staff is enthusiastic.”If nothing goes wrong, I can get a driving license this winter holiday and become one of the ‘owning Ben’ family,” the 19-year-old said excitedly.On February 7th, the first test of the opening year of the driving test center was successfully opened. From the examination of “two codes and one certificate” at the entrance, to the orderly conduct of each subject in the examination room, every link was smooth and free.In fact, this is due to the “secret efforts” of the examination room staff during the Spring Festival.He Angang, the head of the driving test center, said that although there was no test plan during the Spring Festival, there was no shutdown of the test. From the New Year’s Eve duty to the fourth day of the New Year, there were people maintaining test equipment, test rooms and vehicles throughout the holiday. “In order to relieve the test pressure of winter holiday drivers and meet the test needs of college students, the Spring Festival began before,Test center subjects 1 and 2 are distributed according to the maximum test capacity plan, and epidemic prevention and control measures are strictly implemented. Candidates enter the test center to check the “two codes and one certificate” and register the temperature.And the maintenance of vehicles and equipment during the holiday, but also to ensure the smooth opening of the first test, so as not to delay college students take the certificate.”And so it is.Getting a driver’s license has become a compulsory course for some young people and students entering higher education after returning home during the holidays.”Taking advantage of the holidays, I can get my driver’s license so that I can find a job after graduation.”Li Rongxin, a sophomore who also passed the subject 3 exam on Feb 7, is thinking bigger.He Angang says, as driving all subject to the examination room, development zone driving test center examination adopts computer monitoring all the way, all subjects using satellite positioning technology to ensure the various tests accurate measurement, to ensure fair and open driving test, guarantee the quality of driving test and “test center enabled more than a year and a half, has now provide testing service for about 200000 students,We will continue to promote the upgrading of the driving test, so that people can travel less and effectively solve the new demand for small car driving licenses.”Article/photo: Zhao Yanjun, reporter of our newspaper