Liu Bang’s crime and punishment: Seven years to kill seven different Kings, 2000 words to read Liu Bang’s fear

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In 205 BC, Liu Bang led his army from Hanzhong to march eastward, officially opening the decisive battle with the Western Chu Kingdom. He crossed the Yellow River from Pingyin and Jin south to the southwest New city of Luoyang. After the reminder of a village teacher, he decided to mourn Mi Xin.On the altar liu Bang wept aloud with bare arms, and the whole army mourned for three days.Three years later, Liu Bang took over the kingdom and gave it to king Han Xin of Han, King Han Xin of Chu, King Zhang Er of Zhao, King Yingbu of Huainan, King Zangta of Yan, King Peng Yue of Liang, King Rui of Changsha, and King Si Wuzhu of Fujian and Guangdong.In the same year, King Zangtu of Yan rebelled. Liu Bang led his troops to suppress the rebellion. In September, Zangtu was captured alive and lu Wan was appointed king of Yan.Han Xin, the king of han, had a great talent and a grand plan. However, The territory of Han was close to Gong County and Luoyang in the north, wan County and Ye County in the south, and Huaiyang in the east. Liu Bang could not rest at ease day and night.Therefore, taiyuan County was divided into thirty-one counties, and han was established. The king of Han, Han Xin, was moved to new land to supervise xiongnu, and the capital was later moved to Mayi.At this time, the Xiongnu Khanate had already grown. In 201 BC, the xiongnu army surrounded The King of Han in The capital of Korea, Mayi. King Han sent envoys to the Xiongnu kingdom for several times to request reconciliation.When the Western Han sent reinforcements, received intelligence, quickly suspected Han King Han Xin may have two minds, Han King Han Xin fear, afraid of being killed, September, surrendered to the Xiongnu kingdom.In 196 BC, a general of the Western Han Government beheaded The king of Han in a military attack.In 201 BC, Someone reported to Liu Bang that Han Xin, king of Chu, had mutiny. Liu Bang was worried. Chen Ping designed a disguise to travel to Yunmeng, captured Han Xin, king of Chu, and arrested him on charges of conspiracy.In 196 BC, Han Xin, the marquis of Huaiyin, claimed to be ill and did not join Liu Bang in his crusade against Chen Siegi, the former commander of the Imperial Army.Just one of Han Xin’s followers offended Han Xin. Han Xin imprisoned him and planned to kill him. The younger brother of the follower informed the queen of Han Xin’s treachery plot.Lu Pheasant and Xiao He design to lure Han Xin into the palace, a palace, Lu Pheasant immediately ordered the warriors tied up Han Xin, executed in changle Palace.In order to eradicate future troubles, Lu Ordered the slaughter of han Xin three tribes.After the establishment of the Western Han dynasty in 202 BC, Zhang Er, the king of Zhao, died in the same year and was succeeded by his son Zhang Ao as son-in-law of Liu Bang.In 200 BC, Liu Bang successfully escaped from the siege of Bai Deng and visited the state of Zhao. His arrogant attitude aroused the discontent of Guan Gao, the prime minister of Zhao, zhao Wu and other ministers. Senior officials and ministers jointly planned to assassinate Liu Bang.In 198 B. C., guan Gao and others were accused of plotting a rebellion. At that time, many of them committed suicide. Liu Bang ordered the arrest of the remaining Guan Gao and Zhang Ao.Guan Gao still refused to confess zhang Ao’s involvement in the assassination under torture, but it was verified that there was no such thing. Liu Bang still stripped Zhang Ao of his throne, demoted him to Marquis Xuan Ping, and made his son Liu Ruyi king of Zhao.In 196 BC, When Liu Bang attacked Chen Siegye, he summoned troops from the State of Liang. Peng Yue, the king of Liang, claimed that he was ill and sent only one general to meet him in Handan. Liu Bang was so angry that he sent an envoy to reprimand him.Peng yue was afraid and prepared to apologize.One of Peng yue’s generals suggested that it would be better to mobilize the army and mutiny.Peng Yue refused to do so.The minister of Communications of liang committed a crime and fled to Chang ‘an. He accused Peng Yue and others of plotting rebellion and demanded the western Han government to kill them immediately.Liu Bang sent his men to capture Peng Yue and sent him to Luoyang to be imprisoned.According to the result of the trial, peng Yue was deemed to be a real case. He was demoted to a common man and exiled to Shu Prefecture.Poor Peng Yue meets queen Lu Zhi halfway, Peng Yue claims from innocent, Lu Zhi pretend to promise peng Yue back to Luoyang, warning Liu Bang, Peng Yue is a hero, it is a trouble in the future, it is better to kill him now.Liu Bang agreed, and found someone to accuse Peng yue of treason.In March, peng Yue and tu Sanzu were beheaded.In 196 BC, King Han Xin of Huaiyin was killed. Yingbu was in great panic. Peng Yue was killed, and Liu Bang ordered peng Yue’s body cut into meat paste and sent to each vassal state.When Yingbu saw this, his heart was filled with sorrow and fear.Secretly mobilize troops, ready to be mobilized in case of any emergency.At this time, Yingbu has a beloved woman, to the doctor there to see a doctor, the doctor home and senior state officer Ben for the neighbor, the three people together.Cloth know, think cardia and women have an affair, ready to arrest.Cardia immediately fled to Chang ‘an, yingbu anti heart has been exposed.And the British cloth found cardiac has fled, suspected that he has defected confidential, so not do two endless, first slaughter cardiac family, and then mutiny.In 195 B. C., the western Han government pursued the army of Yingbu, who was killed in Panyang after mistakenly believing that Wu Chen, king of Changsha, had set up a trap for him.In 195 BC, the Western Han government continued to attack the rebel Commander Chen Siegi, who was beheaded in the same year.His deputy surrendered and confessed all the plots of reconciliation between Lu Wan and the Huns.The reason why Lu Wan was willing to reconcile with Xiongnu was that he also believed that the central government of the Western Han Dynasty was cleaning up the foreign princes. In case the Government of the Western Han Dynasty attacked Yan, Xiongnu could also be the foreign aid of Yan, so he sent zhang Sheng, an envoy to negotiate with Xiongnu.Knowing this plot, the Western Han government summoned Lu Wan, but Lu Wan refused to answer the call, pretending that he was seriously ill. Those cronies saw the trouble getting worse and fled one after another.Lu wan’s words gradually leaked out.After checking the facts, Liu Bang confirmed lu Wan’s coup and ordered troops to arrest him.Lu Wan jian had no chance to appeal, so he had to take thousands of people to the Xiongnu Khanate.195 BC, summer, April 25, Liu Bang died in changle Palace, at the age of 62.Since liu Bang’s uprising ended the great chaos in the world, he crowned the heroes with different names as Kings, but pursued them in an urgent way. During the seven years, he killed seven Kings with different names, one of which was demoted, one escaped, and the other five were all killed.The seven Kings mentioned above were all heroes who followed Liu Bang to kill the Central Plains and made great contributions. Each of their vassal states was under one side. For the central government of the Western Han Dynasty, they had military power and political power in hand and were all potential enemies, and they had to be eliminated as soon as possible regardless of obedience.This is the biggest disadvantage of feudal autocracy, it is a very unstable regime, any strong careerist can destroy it at any time, this is precisely liu Bang’s fear.No matter which king was conferred, the central government of the Western Han dynasty always believed that the opponent had the intention of insurrection, which was really a critical theory, and there was no end to blame and unjust prison.Non-causality should not be reversed in this way.The seven Kings died at the hands of the feudal ruling system rather than liu Bang lu Zhi.Return of the soul!No more from the East.Long people thousand blades, but the soul is entangle some.Ten days.Loose money and loose stones.They all learn, the soul will be released some.Come back, can’t trust some.– Qu Yuan “The Conjuring”