Liverpool revenge fox City!Rota double!Salah central post!

2022-05-13 0 By

Liverpool have avenged leicester city’s 2-0 victory in the premier League.Jota scores twice!Salah comes on for the post, diaz starts!Klopp deployed his familiar 4-3-3 formation with jota, firmino and dias forming a striking trio, with Salah on the bench after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations.The first half of the 35th minute van Dijk’s header was saved by schmeichel, Jota eat cake in front of the goal, the second shot!Liverpool take a 1-0 lead!In the second half, Salah came on as a substitute for Firmino. In the 75th minute, the opponent failed to pass back, and Salah grabbed the ball and fired into the far corner.By schmeichel schmeichel brave hand block!In the 77th minute Salah cut inside the left circle, schmeichel made a save!It’s too tricky to save, but it’s the post!Diaz missed a low shot in the 81st minute, but schmeichel blocked it with his foot.Jota scored twice in the 85th minute from a stopper.Liverpool 2-0 to seal the win!Liverpool dominated the game, taking 22 shots and allowing Leicester only five, both in attack and defence.The defeat to Leicester city in December was a surprise and Liverpool will not give the foxes a chance.Liverpool have scored 60 goals in 23 league games, the most in the league.The first trident Salah, Ruta, Manet respectively scored 16 goals, 12 goals, 8 goals, three people do the team more than half of the goals!Add strong aid dias join, Liverpool’s forward line really let a person envy