XIAOMI home real experience, XIAOMI 12 series all started, see how passers-by comment

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Share the feeling that enters millet home accidentally, oneself pure passer-by is old fruit pink even.Just some time ago, Xiaomi released its latest flagship 12 series. A friend of mine who is an ardent rice fan invited me to visit offline physical stores and planned to buy it.I wonder, aren’t young people buying their phones online now?Later, it became clear what “offline experience” meant.First of all, my friend has always been very supportive of Xiaomi mobile phone, even home appliances are also complete house Mi smart.I went to millet home with my friends, and there were many young people around.It took me a long time to get my hands on the MI 12 and 12 Pro, and my first impression was that the material of the back cover was very special.Because I’m using an Apple 13, which is shatter-resistant glass.12 series OF AG glass process, with a bit of stable advanced frosted sense, more durable.The vegan version only comes in one color. To be honest, I prefer the soft touch of the vegan version.The lens module in the upper left corner of the back is also distinguished by lines, which does not have a very convex feeling. I think it is much safer than the Apple camera, and I am not afraid to knock.After considering it a few times, the whole phone is relatively thin and light. It’s hard to imagine that such a thin phone is still a flagship phone.After the screen is lit, the first impression is that the screen is very large, probably due to the narrow bezel, the front is almost full screen design.Without the black bangs on apple’s hands, it looks a bit more holistic.Samsung 2K E5 material, is probably the top level now.Perhaps the assistant saw that I was using an Apple and introduced me to the intelligent dynamic refresh rate of the screen.It’s a second-generation LTPO screen with the same smart dynamic refresh rate technology as the Apple 13 Pro.I was a little surprised but the surface of the placid, in fact, in the heart of thinking: Apple’s new technology so soon by domestic catch up……This technology is Apple promotion adaptive refresh, which intelligently matches the most reasonable refresh rate according to users’ browsing content and usage scenarios, so as to lower screen consumption.The processor is using qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8, possibly with the latest MiUI system, MiUI13. I kept opening and switching between multiple apps, swiping back and forth, and shrinking the window to see if it would get stuck.It’s pretty quick, and it’s not stuck.This is one of my favorite points.Photography gives me the intuitive feeling that it is very fast, from opening the camera, to the speed of imaging is very fast, basically press the shutter immediately out of the film.I summed up, 12 is the Gospel of the small screen party, one hand can hold, feel the best;12 Pro has 120W quick charge and 2K screen. The overall experience is the most perfect. I haven’t found anything unsatisfactory after playing for so long.My friend got into a black 12 Pro and took it home.This offline experience is still quite interesting. I can’t make evaluation without trying it myself, to judge whether a mobile phone is suitable for me.It’s much more real to touch it, look at it, play with it, and place an order across a screen.