Zhangjiajie Jundi Hospital has launched a volunteer service activity of “sending doctors to the countryside”

2022-05-13 0 By

Rednet moment Zhangjiajie January 27 (correspondent Tian Yuxia) In order to further promote the systematization and socialization of lei Feng volunteer service in the health system of the whole region, and better play the important role of volunteer service in improving people’s livelihood and rallying the hearts of the people, combined with the advantages of the health industry, On January 26,The Party Branch of Zhangjiajie Military Hospital organized all party members to carry out the volunteer service activity of “sending doctors to the countryside” in Yarshang Village, Xuhe Township, Wulingyuan District.During the activity, medical volunteers came to villages and provided villagers with free physical examination, health consultation, free distribution of basic medicines and masks, and provided reasonable treatment opinions or health guidance according to the physical condition of each villager.The voluntary service activity of “sending medical services to the countryside” not only improved the health awareness of the villagers in the area, but also effectively solved their medical service needs, enabling them to enjoy high-quality free medical services without leaving the village, which was highly praised by the people in the area.