Zoucheng People’s Hospital: Striving to be the pioneer and drawing the map of high-quality development

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Editor’s note: In order to better play the role of party organizations in shandong’s health system as fighting bastion and vanguard role of party members, help shandong’s health construction to start a new journey, and serve the new development of shandong’s health cause, Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point has opened a large fusion media column “Medical Heart to the Party, Build a Dream of health”.Guest of this interview: Hao Fengcheng, Party Secretary of Zoucheng People’s Hospital.Zoucheng People’s Hospital promotes continuous optimization and upgrading of medical services with innovation empowering Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point reporter Guo Jixuan Correspondent Chen WeiIn recent years, Zoucheng People’s Hospital has always adhered to the purpose of “serving the people’s health wholeheartedly” and won the reputation of many patients with sincere medical treatment and excellent skills. With the “heart” of hard work, Zoucheng People’s Hospital has been striving to draw a new blueprint.The hospital has been awarded honorary titles such as “Top 100 Model Hospital of National People’s Trust”, “Top 100 Competitive Hospitals of County-level Hospitals in China”, “Advanced Model of National Improvement of Medical Services”, “Core Unit of National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases”, “National Hospital Humanistic Architecture Award” and so on.Constantly on the way forward, leaving a string of shining footprints.”To strengthen the connotation construction, we must constantly improve the quality of medical treatment, nursing quality, improve the level of medical technology and service capacity, in order to meet the people’s health needs.”According to Hao Fengcheng, Party secretary of Zoucheng People’s Hospital, in order to further accelerate the improvement of hardware infrastructure and the improvement of medical service capacity, the Mencius Lake Branch of Zoucheng People’s Hospital was officially opened in 2018, marking that the hospital has entered a new stage of development.The new hospital is designed in accordance with the scale of grade III, Grade A general hospital, adhering to the design concept of “science, humanity and green”, and is an intelligent hospital integrating intelligent buildings, digital equipment and information platform.Relying on mencius lake on campus, the hospital including the remote medical consultation center, testing center, clinical pathology, medical imaging center, ecg diagnosis and disinfection supply center, regional medical center in zoucheng city, to seek the superior hospital technical support, assistance to the grassroots medical institutions, realize the resource sharing, make the area people can enjoy the homogeneity to the nearest medical treatmentService, improve the convenience of medical treatment for the masses.In order to continuously improve the medical quality and service quality of the hospital, Zoucheng People’s Hospital and high-end medical resources continue to “marriage”, through the establishment of close medical alliance with jining Medical College affiliated hospital, for the introduction of advanced management concepts for the hospital;In cooperation with Shulan Medical Management Group, four academician studios have been built. Academician expert teams and well-known experts regularly visit the hospital for free diagnosis, sitting diagnosis and operation.The hospital also attaches great importance to the improvement of its own strength and focuses on the development of professional departments to the center. The chest pain Center of the hospital has passed the Certification of China Chest Pain Center and China Grassroots Chest pain Center.The stroke center passed the evaluation of Stroke prevention and treatment center in Shandong Province, and ranked first in the comprehensive ranking of National stroke prevention and treatment center in August 2021, leading the country in construction level.The hospital also signed a partnership with 20 medical and health institutions in towns and streets of Zoucheng to build a “regional golden time treatment circle” and establish a regional collaborative treatment mechanism to win treatment time for stroke patients.In addition, the hospital started the construction of heart failure center, hypertension standard center, dangerous upper gastrointestinal bleeding emergency treatment fast channel, revised the implementation plan of emergency treatment for critically ill pregnant women and newborns, and established the Zoucheng People’s Hospital prostate cancer multidisciplinary consultation center.The establishment of the professional center has promoted the standardization and construction of the department, and improved the treatment process of patients, so as to maximize the protection of people’s life safety and health.Take multiple measures to continue to meet the health needs of the massesWith the hospital motto of “love” and the hospital spirit of “duxue Li Go, Good neighborliness, chongde Shang Can”, zoucheng People’s Hospital pursues the service concept of “affection care, to micro to fine”. Zoucheng People’s Hospital has been built into a three-level b comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, prevention, health care and other functional tasks.As a pilot hospital of compact medical community, the hospital actively builds an integrated management mode of “municipal hospital as the leader, township health center as the hub, and village health room as the foundation”, making the medical community a community of service, responsibility, interests and management.We will improve and implement a tiered diagnosis and treatment mechanism featuring “primary treatment at the grassroots level, two-way referral, separation of emergency and slow treatment, and linkage between the upper and lower levels”.Hospital by sinking subsidence of medical equipment, and specialist services, methods of management system, continuously explore new ideas, to “ophthalmologist studio”, the joint venture to carry out medical early cancer screening and other forms in the body, make the grassroots health service ability get promoted, optimize the distribution of the medical resources in the county, improve the service efficiency, reduce the cost was hospitalized.In 2021, the hospital dispatched 13 temporary business deans and 129 second-level team experts to 12 medical institutions, providing 7,325 free consultations, 12,732 on-site consultations, 183 surgeries, 1,686 ward rounds and 43 training sessions.In April 2021, the scientific research teaching building of Zoucheng People’s Hospital was completed and put into use, with classrooms of different specialties, academic lecture hall, skill training center, ECT, PETCT, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc.And outstanding teaching practice and skills training function, the introduction of simulated puncture, minimally invasive training, trauma scenarios, clinical thinking and other training systems, perfect functional facilities to further ensure the medical teaching and research “troika” go hand in hand.Hao Fengcheng said that in the next step, the hospital will continue to strengthen the guidance of Party construction, continue to carry out in-depth study and education of Party history, inspire all party members in the hospital to realize their original aspiration and fulfill their mission in the study and education, and drive all the cadres and staff of the hospital to love their jobs and work hard.We will steadily promote the establishment of class A, grade III hospitals, and promote refined and standardized management of hospitals.With the guarantee of discipline construction, personnel training, service quality improvement and medical experience improvement, the hospital comprehensively improves the development level and service quality, and strives to provide the public with continuous and high-quality medical services covering the whole life cycle.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)